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This looks fantastic!

You know, I would like to see the black outline of the header design done in vector… It would look so sharp!

I freakin’ love the color scheme. It speaks a lot more of dreaming.

May I ask what the quest star is?

[LD4all Quest 22: lunar moon: Transforming Quest revisited)

On a side note, the “Click here to return to the topic” thing is still there when you edit a post.

damn it I thought I’d never see them again! ( I don’t like those pages)

EDIT: damn it, damn is censored still. I’ll have to use dang it instead.

Ooh the new skin is cool and shiny. Woohoo no more returnt to topic page I can finally post without having to wait for it to come up every time I do.

wow Q a lot of work really has gone into the facelift and it was well worth it, just amazing :content:


My first post on a brand new layout. Checking it before sleep and it feels like im gonna have the really sweet dreams!

/me hugs Q tight :hugs:

Thank you, this is great! (tho in some way im still gonna miss the old ld4all… nostalgia, HeHe :peek: )

Wow, just watched “El Laberinto de Faun” (have no clue what the English name for it is), and I just thought I’d check LD4all, and there’s a whole new layout! :nuu:
Guess I’m kinda slow, but whatever. This looks so nice ^^

Abut the Quest star; so you just get if for finishing one quest and then it is there for ever, and it doesn’t upgrade when you finish more quests or any of that creepy stuff?

Pan’s Labyrinth.

It would be nice if the quest star stayed with you until that moon’s quest was over. Then, you would have to complete the next quest to get the quest star back. That way people would know which quest you had completed. :shrug:

no it wouldn’t … it is difficult for some to complete a quest while it is running. What is nice about the quest star wings being taken away from you again after a few days??? :cry:
you could put a list of quests completed in the extra information part of your profile :happy:

Another “new” thing is that the [mod] tags have changed from color.


painoQus, indeed, it’s just a first reward, and after your Quest you will have a taste for more :wink: You can keep your Questlog and put a link to it somewhere in your profile. I like to see everyone with those wings.

thank you so much everyone for your kind words, it means a lot to me :happy:

Where in the profile will that star be?

And pff, 5k posts? When is spamming time? NOW IS SPAMMING TIME ! :grin:


Above the avatar, under the mod/admin/etc… sign, I think?

well, why don’t you complete this moons Quest and find out? :grin:

BAH! now all my hard-earned stars are worthless!

I spammed for so long too :razz: now what do i have to show for it? incomplete

*trjr relates the stars to Grand Theft Auto… uh oh looks like swat teams are going to come after me!

Is there a reason that the time that a post was posted doesn’t appear along with the date it was posted?

I love the layout, it looks great! :happy:
Good job!!!