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Is there a reason that the time that a post was posted doesn’t appear along with the date it was posted?

I love the layout, it looks great! :happy:
Good job!!!

yes, you probably have a different date setting in your profile. Go to your profile and select another way of displaying the time. And it’s easier now, not some weird D,Y,y, code :smile:

Wooahh! It looks so great! And all the new options! Good job!

quick question

any particular reason that my custom title was 2 characters too long as of now?

why did that change? it’s kinda irritating :razz: and i don’t want to think of another one

because basilus west broke it… but i can add some more characters if everyone promises not to make a custom title that is only MMM’s :tongue:

or make the font a bit smaller… i’ll see what i can do.

lol are you serious just think of a new one!!!

Wow this new layout looks really good! Nice job! :ok:

i like the old one the best, FYI

plus it’s fixed now anyway, so no need to be rude

i wasn’t being rude iwas being direct:)

ah! the front page changed haha

i clicked ld4all and i was liek where am i?!?!

This is a really cool new look.

The new look is nice, but have you considered what it looks like on wide-screen or high resoultion displays? I have 1680x1050 display and your 1024 wide column wastes lot of screen estate. And it what looks like on 1900x1600 monitors I can only guess.


i like it like this, because fixed with layouts are much easier to design, and i never like it that things become so wide if you have a wider screen. I designed it on a high resolution btw.

on large monitors you get more stars :tongue:



Well, apart from this little peevee of mine the new design is definitely a step forward. Job well done, pasQuale.


I love the new look - it’s wicked!

It’s much easier to jump between different languages - the site seems to be more cohesive in that regard.

The advertising also seems to fit in more readily into the site design, plus the new font styles and everything look awesome.

Well done! I’m sure it took a lot of hard work.


I noticed my Star for the Quest…
Ans I noticed that my Avater is too small…
Now it looks silly :sad:
I need to find a better one :razz:

Hey what’s a quest star?

i agree