What's the difference between a LD and a ND?

I’ve been looking for a solid answer to this question through out this website but I can never seem to find one. I know the definition of a lucid dream is being aware of dreaming. But is a lucid dream realistic and full of detail or is just being able to control it? and what is a normal dream, a dream that you remember when you wake up or a cloudy fogged up dream where bits and pieces of it are scattered around your brain?

Here`s what I believe:

Lucid Dreaming is being aware of the fact that you are dreaming, no matter if it is foggy, ultra-hd, or plain disturbing, if you are aware of that one fact, it is a Lucid Dream. If not, then it would be a ND, no matter how HD it was and all.

Of course, ultra-HD LDs are the better ones. :tongue:

You can sort of compare ND’s and LD’s with different states of awareness in real life.
I’m sure you have on some occasions been daydreaming so much that you barely notice what’s happening around you, right?
At this state someone might even call your name right next to you and you still won’t react, and you might even do certain things without reflecting too much over it.
This state is very similar to a Normal Dream - your mind is absent, and doesn’t understand clearly what’s going on, and therefore you are willing to accept anything as something natural, no matter how strange it would seem in real life - your logic centre is practically inactive.
In a Lucid Dream, however, you are “awake” - you notice what’s happening, question your surroundings, and realize exactly what’s going on and that everything is a dream.

Normal or better said non lucid dream is the same as lucid dream by this things you mentioned: realism, details, vividness, recall… They both can be extremely vivid and life like but they can be cloudy and foggy too.

The only bigger difference is in level of control that we have over those dreams. I think that after some time of practicing of lucid dreaming we have conscious NLD. But that is for another topic… I hope I answered your questions… :content:


is quite correct, but i perfer to use the word, consciousness when it comes to knowing your dreaming, in other words when you are lucid you really are conscious within the dream

I havent had an LD yet, and i dont consider myself an expert. Yesterday morning I picked up “Exploring the world of lucid dreaming” by Stephen Laberge. Ive already finished reading it, and let me tell you it will explain everything you need to know, how it works, what your mind needs.