Whats the difference between FLD's and ND's

Somewhere along the way I may have got the two mixed up.(FLD’s and ND’s) Do I have the right understanding of the two? :bored:

FLD: Sometimes vivid and you have control over yourself, but unaware that you’re dreaming.

ND: Just a dream you experience thats not vivid, where you lack conrtol of yourself, and are also unaware that you’re dreaming.

If not please correct me to prevent further confusion. :neutral: [/color]

NDs can be VERY vivid and some dreamers even have some control (Stormthunder comes to mind).

FLD feature lucid dreaming. You may act out like in a LD but your awareness isn’t there, it’s more automatic.

[color=olive]Alright thanks for clearing that up. :ok: [/color]

I believe my esteemed colleague meant “false” lucid dream :razz:. I’d also say in some FLD’s you know what you’re seeing isn’t real and you might have some control, but you don’t quite realize it’s a dream. Some FLD’s can actually have more control than LD’s.

Lately I have seen 2 FLD , I see some very weird things and I doubt a bit but I never think of making a reality check or if this is a dream but the things comes as I want them to and its cool lol

[color=olive]Got it. :ok: Now how do FLD’s tally up in Lucid Challenges? Do they cound as ND 's or LD 's?[/color]

[color=olive]Haha yea thats how it is at times. Playing the cards you were dealtand all without thinking too much.[/color]