What's the longest lucid dream you ever had?

I guess…
Anyway, a 100 year long dream is really quite astounding.
After all, as Einstein said, time is nothing but an illusion.

What I’m trying to get at here is that LaBerge did an extensive series of experiments with many subjects that could have LD’s. He would have them signal (with eyes) when they were lucid and then count to 20 in the dream (he also had them do it beforehand in RL to check the accuracy of their counting.). What he found is that time passes the same in dreams as in real life. If dream time were slower then the count to 20 would be almost instantaneous to a person in real life observing the counting starting and counting ending signals.

yes but if you want i think it is possible to slow down tim (in your dream)

I understood you a long time ago
for some reason, you keep explaining : )

I just now remembered a much longer dream I had when I was about 14-15, it wasnt this interesting and vivid, nonetheless, it was supposedly a week or so, when all of the time it revolved around this girl I had a huge crush on, and in the end we got together, only to wake up and realize its all a big dream, what a disappointment!

thats happened to me before

we did in fact get together after that in real life but it didnt last very long, or maybe the dream was afterwards?.. I cant remember.
Lucidity master, did u ever try to count seconds in your dream? whats the longest youve ever come to if so

True, only the powers of universe can stop your time-break :cool_raz:

not if the universe is on your side

30 to 45 minutes. Im surprised at how easy it is to stay lucid the longer you practice

I suppose my longest is actually one of my shortest. My longest in the dream felt as though it lasted an hour to an hour and a half, but I looked at the clock just before and after falling asleep and it had only been about 10 minutes. :eh:

The rest of my LDs generally feel like they last between 5 and 30 minutes, and they actually do last that long. How odd that the one that feels longest was actually one of the shortest.

O good heavens no, I have no desire, or patience, to sit there in an LD and count one-one thousand, two-one thousand etc. for 45 min to an hour. I’d probably go nuts from the boredom.

I couldnt believe how long this lucid dream lasted. It was so weird. First I was being drug across a floor, and was lucid after that. I talked to alot of DC, and one of them was telling me something that sounded very importent,but I have trouble remmbering dialog, and it was sooo vivid. I even tried to wake up from it, but couldnt. I never thought I could ever stay lucid that long. If it wasnt two hours it was atleast an hour, and a half. It was one of the coolest LDs Ive ever had. Has anyone else ever stayed lucid this long? I know I shattred my record of 30 to 45 minutes. I never thought it possible to stay lucid that long.


I have often found that lucid dreams that seemed quite long while i was dreaming, seem alot shorter when I write them down. We humans are not very good at keeping track of long time spans. A few seconds we can do quite well, but a couple of minutes is hopeless. It’s good though, if our dreams seem to last longer than they actually last, even if it is by tricks, it feels like it lasted a long time and that’s what matters.

My longest Lucid Dream lasted for 3 months dreamtime/12 hours real time. However, it’ll be a while before I attempt another Extended-LD like THAT again :tongue:
Normally, at most I’ll extend it to 1-week-dreamtime if I feel like having a “dream vacation”.
I know some of you already know how I do this, but for the rest of you–I use a dream object called a Dream Clock to achieve this extension of dreamtime.

hi u think you could give me a link (or explain) to me on how u do the dream extension in detail. PM or just post here. THANKS :smile:

With or without dream clock (you may explain it to me too if you want :grin: ) - is it really possible to have a 12h REM? :eek:
Cuz I thought, dream time is different from the real time because of the ‘fake’ dream memory…? :eh:

No it’s just impossible. The REM phases come every 90 minutes of sleep, the REM period of the first sleep cycle is 5 minutes long, the latest may last 50 minutes. But since two years Writerscube has made us accustomed to him being able to do lots of things that are impossible to normal human beings. You could have a look at his first posts or DJ to make your mind about his incredible realizations.

yes do please write about

edit : i made the dream clock today

it helped me prolong lucidity many times, when i’d drift to being almost awake, i’d focus on the numbers and the clock which i held in my hands,

i would love to hear WC’s instructions on how to make a dream even an hour long!

it seems like it might be easier to use hypnosis
“I am now in a very very long lucid dream, every ticking second i am more solid here, and i can do whatever I please, it is MY decision as to when I will awaken, and…”
to keep narrating to yourself!

also it did not run perfectly in sensible numerical order.