What's up with Sea Life... [SeaLife Addicts Support Lodge]


My last post in Sealife was in the ld4all addicts room , angry that ld4all was down. When ld4all came back on, I realised Sealife stopped working. So now i’m here :razz:

Fix sealife some one!

No fix broke it! Right after he broke Ld4all.

I saw him do eet!

I can’t take that much credit!
here, take a cookie

It was back (according to Mohegan) between Wis’ post and this one. Now it’s down again! :cry:

Back on now :yay:

no, i get a timeout error when i try to load sealife. :sad:

yeah it’s off again 8(

"phpBB : Critical Error

Could not connect to the database "

it is quite slow every now and then…
I have a feeling sealife is on an overcrowded server…
or it is some kind of exploit… but then it prob wouldn’t get back automatically…

pasQuale, any idea what was the problem with ld4all’s downtime? might it be the same as what hits sealife?

well it’s definately something else, although the timing is eerie.

I’m not going into details for security reasons. (nothing happened but i’m not explaining what caused the downtime).

There is currently a problem for any new members wishing to join. So if anyone was thinking of joining you may have to wait a while until explora sorts this problem out. :sad:

I can’t open Sealife anymore! I posted a dream, and then 10 minutes later, i can’t even open the Sealife Index! =( This is definitely not the first time this has happened this week.

well it’s working for me … and it’s just a little later than you posted

I think t’s just my internet…many sites won’t work… False Alarm :shy:

On a side note—someone reported not being able to register. I logged off, tried to register and got an error. Can someone else try reaching the register page?

/me notices the last member joined in late December :shock:

Template->make_filename(): Error - file agreement.tpl does not exist

is what I got when I tried to register

Yes, moogle said something about it 4 days ago:

At that time I went to sealife and noticed the last registered member was moos. I remembered his name and I thought he registered last year. I checked and was right, it was indeed december =/ When moogle said this I thought the first time it was just something new… (but of course it takes time to find out about it)

just a note to let everyone know that mohegan sorted this out!

excellent work :wink:

we are upgrading to phpbb2.0.22 soon as well. that should be good.

thanks for your patience.


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Sorry, but this board is currently unavailable. Please try again later.


UÆÆÆ! sealife isn’t working! :cry:

I know! I had an excellent lucid dream last night, and I wanted to post it, but I couldn’t :crying:

Oh well, it beats a swift kick in the groin :tongue: