What's up with Sea Life... [SeaLife Addicts Support Lodge]

Is LD4all and Sealife owned by the same people/site?

Sorry, that’s probably a stupid question… I’m new here :tongue:

LD4all is created, owned, and operated by: pasQuale - Nederlands
Sealife is created, owned, and operated by: Explora (Nick) - Australia

For anyone that is hanging out. Sea Life is up again. well the peacetraining.org/sealife site :smile:

have fun :content:

yay !!! :cool_laugh: now i can go stare into my dream team and wait for sombody to post!!!

screams Now www.peacetraining.org/sealife looks like an empty directory! It is all gone! :eek:

it is back at dreamofpeace.net/sealife

i’ll update the link on ld4all soon.

sealife Yoyo forum :smile:

omg avatar.

And that site is cool.

Heheh. yes Sea life has been much like a YoYo!

Now we’ve moved it back from it’s temporary server at peacetraining.org/sealife to dreamofpeace.net/sealife

The link should automatically redirect to it’s working address…

Thanks everyone for your patience, and also to Q for updating the link on ld4all. without the support of ld4all, we would have lost a big bunch of members by now :smile:


the sea life server is being very silly!

it keeps saying the message “critical error: database down” or something like that. don’t worry the database isn’t actually down, it’s just that somehow the server get’s confused, and believes it doesn’t have the rights to access the database…

you can imagine why i’m thinking of chanign hosting company… :smile:

Sealife isn’t working? I get a message: “Account Suspended”!

Yup. Siiw. The server is in the process of changing hands from one company to the next. The account with our old company has expired. We will be moving to a faster and larger server, which currently hosts the domain:


The new server will give us the opportunity to host multiple domains, peacetrainworld.org, dreamofpeace.net, star foundation, from one central hosting manager, which is a whole lot better. The domain name dreamofpeace.net is currently in the process of beign redirected from one server to the next. I imagine we will need to wait a day or two, before it’s ready again…

I hope so… Apologies to everyone for leaving things so late, but it costs money to get a new server up and running, and I haven’t had an awful lot of it :wink:


its scary when Sealife disappears although does get me back here to check out some of the huge amount of lucidity info on LD4ALL.

Explora wondering whats happening with tomorrow but will give you a call see if we are all still meeting up :happy:

Happy Dreaming Everyone!



Hope SeaLife will be back soon :smile:

its sooo booooring… without sealife :wink:

I agree with you, Neshamah! I don’t come over here nearly often enough! Sooooo many great people here and sooooo much info!!! :wiske:

I do sooooo miss Sea Life though… :bored: :help: Luckily, I copied my journal the day before Nick told us to! :eek:

Love and peace


Heheh. Lucky indeed GreenEyes!

Alright probably should mention now, that while we were backed up within 1 day of the actual transition, we might have lost about 1 days worth of posting… I guess that’s not too bad - the problem was, I didnt’ relaly know when the server would no longer be available…

Hope its not too much of a problem for anyone.

There have been some more difficulties with the domain ame unforutnately, turns out that the “registrar” has “locked” the domain, whcih might mean some delays in transferring it to the new server. the hosting company was not aware of this, as it is quite an unusual and irregular practise.

have been writing emails, and hopefully everthing will get sorted soon.


I hope it is back soon, the pile of dreams I have to write up is getting rather hefty :razz:

while sealife is gone, I am going to post some smileys

:tryfly: :universe: :om: :angel_fly: :mirror: :dream: :obe: :cheer: :sleeping: :sleep:

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