What's up with Sea Life... [SeaLife Addicts Support Lodge]

:cool_laugh: [b]hoorah! i found sealife people![/b]
[b]doesn’t feel so damn lost[/b] :tongue:

[b]hey peeps! it’s volcanic_sherbert here. explora, are we able to email you anywhere? your email isn’t working (duh, it’s a sealife one). also, with the forum, wouldn’t you have all the user emails from when they registered…couldn’t you email them to tell them the new URL? :eh: [/b]

[b]good luck with getting the site together :smile:[/b]

:content: I knew that already :wiske:
For the next day or so, we can’t get to the email addresses on sealife, to tell members about this topic. When sealife is up again, the team leaders will be able to get in touch with their missing team members. :wink:

Hi Jeff!

I’m not sure about firefox and sealife, though you have reminded me that i wanted to download it. i have a feeling it might be a problem from your side of teh web, but it might be better to experiment with it, once dremaofpeace.net domain is back up…

Ypm. yes dns changes should not usually take a 42-day period. as i understand it the “redemption period” is a kind of security zone, so noone gets hold of your domain. that’s at least what it hink; perhaps i should askt eh company.

Q. thanks for the link change

Pantalimon. I know it is a real shame abotu the crossorads. If the site can be up and running tomorrow, we migth have another time to do a proper dream camp at the crossroads. something i was relaly looking forward to. Good luck with the updates!

Hiya Greeneyes. Glad you made it over here!

DM7. Thankyou also for updating your link :smile: It is a little frustrating, but i have tried to be pretty calm about the thing. I imagine it’s more frustrating for those people who don’t know what’s going on.

Volcanic Sherbert. Good idea to visit ld4all :smile: yes. as soon as the sea life server is up and running on peacetraining.org, i will send a big group email to all users of the server (though it is important to recognise that many users don’t include their email address)…

in the meantime, i do indeed have another email address. here it is:

feel free to mail me there… apologies for the delay…

seeya everyone. NICK

[b]Shades of King Neptune.

And just when I had my first lucid dream in awhile.

Nick, hang in there.

I guess the Lunar Moon project might be delayed. We shall see.

Of course my dream reflects the project, got some really good stuff.

It is good we have lucid dreaming 4 all Forum.
Also folks can visit Earth First Dreaming School.

I’ll probally have Dolphin Dreaming up about the time Sea Life is back in action.

So in the future we will have some backup.
IN case of emergency, pull this lever:
:help: [/b]

Great idea! Come and join us at Earth First Dreaming School! :cool: I’m really looking forward to Dolphin Dreaming, Sunwolf!

Hang in there, Nick. Come visit us at the efdschool whenever you can!


I love that ‘efdschool’.

Hey, can we call ourselves ‘earth faeries dream school’?

Nice talking to you tonight, on my new cell phone.

Hope you have a nice lucid dream tonight. I was glad I got to share my dream with you.

Interesting, for the last moon, I haven’t been able to remember my lucid dreams, Sea Life goes down, and I have my first, on the New Moon in Leo the Lion.

What a way to have a Mercury retrograde.

Yes, everyone can come to EFDschool, where dreams are not a mystery!
:tongue: [/b]

i knew what sealife was but i cant remember cause i just smoked a joint dipped in hash oil after not sleeping for 40 hours

i think it was about the sea or something dream related

removed URLs to forum in maintenance

I think you should be mentioned that a ‘?’ is needed on the end of the link to make it work… cos at the moment it doesn’t :razz:.
So it’s actually ? and not peacetraining.org/sealife .

Also, I can access it, but it’s filled with so many bugs it’s horibly hard to get around and to log in.

Oh… and one mroe thing. You (or, at least, I) can’t post (even when logged in).
Instead the message comes up:

'Could not insert new word matches


SQL Error : 1146 Table ‘peacetra_xmb2.phpbb_search_wordmatch’ doesn’t exist

INSERT INTO phpbb_search_wordmatch (post_id, word_id, title_match) SELECT 33887, word_id, 0 FROM phpbb_search_wordlist WHERE word_text IN (‘heeeeeeeeeeeeeeelllo’)

Line : 265
File : ?/includes/functions_search.php’

spEEd0 - it’s a site on which you join a ‘dream team’ with whom you share you dreaming experiences and plan experiments.

Ah, it works a little! :content: I thought it was dead. Tried the wrong link then… Phew…

removed the URLs to forum in maintenance

hi guys…

actually please DON’T visit the ? directory… that will make this task a whole lot harder…

see the thingi is the sql database is missing oen single table, the list of wordmatches. now the thing is do i care about wordmatches? no… but the phpbb server does!

aghhh… now the worser thins is… the peacetraining server has 150mb capacity… the dreampeace server had 350mb!

the sea life database is rather huge! and it seems this last database is overfilling the capacity of the systme somewhat! it is all a little worrying. i am really hoping i don’t manage to mess something up.


I hope removing the URLs will help make things more smooth. Good luck!

[b]Well I can’t get into the Peace Trian Sea Life to save my soul, so I don’t know what you are talking about putting a ? on the end of the link.

Neither one works.
:help: [/b]

Hey Sunwolf,

It used to be something different then a ? that you could use to visit a “sorta” sealife site, only explora doesn’t want us to visit that site, so a MOD came in and edited the post.

Anyways hopefully I’ll see you at the dream team in a few days once all of this is resolved.


Hey Explora,

Just a question (as I do not know that much about this) but would it be possible to register a temporary domain name? Something like www.dreamofpeace2.net in the mean time? Then just transfer the stuff back when dreamofpeace is back up?

I don’t know too much about this stuff but it was just a thought.


It’s up and ready to go!

Visit away ppl, and of course help spread the word.


Bye for now, Nick

PS. Thanks dreamaddict for your help here…

Sureal. Hope i didn’t seem too stressed about that hidden sea life, either :smile: i kinda had a feeling people might decide to visit, but didn’t give it as much thought as i probably should have

i guess i just had to be careful, since i wasn’t sure what would happent oa ll the old posts…, if one part of the databse existed, and the other didnt’…

now it has been completely refreshed from the original…

YPM. Thanks for the idea. This time, I’ll just stick with the peacetraining.org, though of course i can see youre line of thinking (as it might have allowed me to use the extra capacity of the serveR)…

THanks everyone for your patience…


PS> i will send off a message to all users (with valid email addresses) very soon, letting them know of the new site address…

ps Jeff. Can you access it with your browser now :wink:

Hey Explora I tried to get there with Mozilla and IE and was unable to.



Thanks, Explora.


It’s working for me with Mozilla Firefox. Are you sure you tried the new URL?