Whats your favorite Power ?

Telekinesis :razz: can have lot of fun with it

If i had an LD it would probably be stopping time, invisitbility, flying and transforming

I love the power of making everything and everyone do as I wish. Yes I know, it’s a dream - Of course they do as I wish :happy: But I feel that if I make it a “Power”, then it is much easier to succeed with.

Time travel. :smile:

As evil as it sounds, the power to do anything :devil:
Because in a dream anythings possible so the feeling of power is overwhelming.
If I had to choose one it would be the power to create. I like to spawn random objects at times and when I need something to continue the dream.

Oh and can someone direct me to the LD Powers archive mentioned in the first post. Thanks.

Telekinesis is indeed a very amusing power!

Then another one I like is of course being able to control time! :happy:

flying :content: (still fun after you’ve done it a lot)

In a dream, you have absolute power, but I think the problem is that we limit ourselves to certain powers. We need a thread or link or something to the most outrageous and awesome abilities.

Like many other people have been saying… FLYING!!!


I would love to be able to fly and transform. Hopefully I can experience these in a LD soon.

Flying! It just never gets boring!

magic powers and invisibility

gonna have to bump transformation again.

Iv used hundreds of powers over the years so it’s difficult to choose a favourite. Regulars are flying and telekinesis, they’re in every LD
the power to make people appear who I want to meet, has to be one of my favourites. Also transforming into animals, walking through walls, aaaaand weather manipulation. Seriously fun to create lightning and hurricanes and whirpools etc.
There’s loads more but those are probs my favourites.

Flying! its the easiest and most fun.

Um, hi, I’m kinda new, but I found this thread and liked the idea of sharing what I would wanna do if I could LD (I’m in the process of remembering). I wrote this in one of my books I’m working on, and it’s been my dream forever to do this:

[i] I leaped gracefully into the sunset-stained sky, closing my eyes. When I opened them, everything went black. Just a black world. It was empty.

I realized i was floating slowly to the bottom. Once my foot touched lightly it made a soft sound. Then colour started seeping from beneath my electric-blue sneaker. A bright-orange blob formed there, perfectly solid and attached to the ground. ‘If I can make stepping… blobs, I can probably make other things, too!’ So I began to run.

I twirled, cartwheeled, and leaped across my canvas, turning it into a colourful realm. Everything was a different, bright colour. Not like the normal world I have called home for so long; The petals on the roses were blue, their stems hot pink. The lovely poplar trees’ bark was black, it’s leaves electric blue. The power of creativity crackled from my heart, and I bounced up into the sky, overseeing what I had done.

Suddenly, I began to fall rapidly towards the crystal-clear pool of water below me. SPLASH! Coolness surrounded me, and I opened my eyes, gasping for breath.

“Goodness child, how many times do I have to tell you?! Don’t leave this window open! You’ll catch a cold, or… something!” I mother scolded, closing the window. “Get ready for school!”

I sighed. My lucid dream didn’t last. Could I, PERHAPS, go back tonight?[/i]

My favourite power would probably be conjuring fire. i don’t know why i do it but it just helps, especialy when i keep ending up in that strange dark room, darn that’s annoying

mine would probably either be conjuring or telekinesis, or a mixture of the two.
(just watched inception, had something like that in it, ariadne, second main character, came to a wall, so she took a giant mirror behind her, grabbed a handle and closed it like a door, went to the wall, did the same thing, then went to the wall with the glass in front of it and raised her hand to it, making it shatter, revealing the same road that was in the mirror, only with people and cars moving around.)

I’m not sure if I should bump this, but meh.

Controlling the weather is always awesome in my dreams.

And creating stars in the sky at night.
(Usually I spell words out of them :tongue: )

Favorite power : all the things related to time , like freezing time , time travel ,…