When a childhood dream suddenly gets meaning

I had an odd experience recently.

The first recurring dream I remember is from when I was around 3 years old. This was at the end of the 70s. I had never watched TV, and much of today’s technology wasn’t invented. Ultrasound scans were introduced in Norway in the mid 80s.

The dream showed a light grey, vague shape, floating weightlessly against a background which I at that time interpreted as a dark grey waterfall. It was flickering like static on a TV screen and sounded like water pipes or static on the radio. I had a strong feeling that this was connected to a hospital. This dream would show up close to waking up, or as HI. Later, when I was 4-5 years old and read my parents’ books , I recognised the shape as a blurry view of a human fetus.

I had an ultrasound scan about a week ago, and what I saw on that screen was a perfect match of the childhood dream. The only difference was that in the dream, the image took up my entire field of vision. It stunned me.

This has made me believe more strongly that we humans have a limited, subconscious view of the future. My mother has described several occasions where she has had strong, emotional dreams that stood out as odd to her at the time, only to be recognised later when things happened to her children.

Could it be that some events are just so emotionally intense that they are perceived not just forward in time, but into the past too?

Interesting idea.

Sometimes I like to consider the idea that - time being nothing more than an illusion - all versions of us exist simultaneously. Sometimes thoughts, emotions, events can be so strong the experience crosses over to our other selves. I like to ruminate over the possible reasons such phenomenon may exist.

As a kid I used to believe that we existed in a loop in which we relived our lives over and over. This tentatively held belief came about because of intense moments of deja-vu in which I was certain I remembered experiencing that moment or place, even when I knew I hadn’t. I half believed myself when I resolved such moments by exclaiming that I must be remembering it from the last time we lived our lives. I still get occasional flashes but not like before.

The rest of my life (so far) has been strange in only the most mundane of ways. No predictive or unexplainably relevant to WL dreams that I know of yet. Though maybe I’m just not paying attention.

Sorry, Siiw, not trying to get sidetracked from the topic. I wonder if anyone else has had an experience like Siiw described.

Very interesting account. I also believe in premonition dreams, experienced one myself, or rather, I think the event was happening (without my knowledge) at around about the same time I was sleeping. Nonetheless, I think in some dream states we can reach the “real” world, without much restrictions in terms of space/time.