When LDs go bad...

Has anyone ever had a LD for a bit… but then lost control? This happened to me on my 3rd LD…

I was having fun being a ninja in this particular LD. I won’t go into all of the details… but I was supposed to assassinate (sp?) some one. ^^; Anyway, it was awesome because I had two kodachi, and I knew how to use them well. But then… a bunch of people flooded the street around me, unsheathing their weapons.
I didn’t want this to happen… I had somehow lost control, but I could still control my own actions (does that even make sense?). Well, I started to hack my way through the huge crowd… but there were too many. They knocked the weapons out of my hands and slashed away. The pain was more vivid than anything I ever felt in real life. :scream: Then, someone stabbed me in the side and I woke up. Thankfully, I wasn’t in pain when I woke up… but I was breathing heavily and holding my right side (as if to try and stop the blood flow). :-/

Has anyone else “lost control” in an LD before?

Risika i ld for 20 years now and of course the first 2 years i did not have the control i have these days.
So its quite normal that you dont always have the same level of degree in controling your lds!
There are many factors that play a role, one of them is experience another is your degree of being lucid in your dream.
Do explore and test a lot in your lds so u win lots of experience.

A true ninja dont gives in fast! :wink:

Khehe… well, technically I didn’t give up, I got killed. ^.~

I’m glad to learn that it’s normal to lose control in an LD. I try to have them every night… but so far I’ve only had four (starting in June). :lol: Oh well, if I keep trying, I might become as good at it as you guys. ^^

And now, it’s time for bed. G’night! :moon:

Yes you will encounter more lds and often you will notice then there are several levels of lucidity!

Sleep well and enjoy your dreams :cool_laugh:

holy shit, same thing happened to me

DCs surrounded me, and beat me. i blacked out…


You can die in an LD? I had the impression you were immortal. But I guess you only black out.

Hmm, maybe thats a sign that REM sleep is over!

Well, it’s a way of putting it ! Most often, the dream goes on in a different way.