Where do you like to sleep

[center][b]Hello and welcome to my topic post thingy on Where you Sleep!

[/b][/center] I’m kinda new to LD4all and I’ve had 1 LD that lasted for 10 seconds so yeah that’s some Info about me. But like the title says were do you usually sleep? Do you sleep different places when you try to LD? Do you like to sleep with your lights on or do you just have something different about the way you sleep that’s interesting? This is the place to post it! If this post develops enough id love to turn it into a type of experiment about LD and how you sleep.

About me and how I sleep, Well I like to sleep on the ground haha I sleep right on top of one blanket with another one right on top of me and I cant go to sleep if I don’t have a blanket on me. Since I’ve only had one LD I’m not sure if one place is more successful then the other but I plan on trying when I can!

I have more vivid dreams when i sleep on a couch. Really weird

I’d say the same as Rhett, but I’m not sure. When I did sleep on a couch, I had vivid dreams, but at the same time, I had some piano music going on in the background. So it could be one or the other.

Usually, I sleep on my side or stomach, just normally.

I can’t speak from experience, but I believe that people can experience more vivid dreams if they are sleeping in an uncomfortable position.

Anyways, my favorite place to sleep is in my bed, of course. :smile: I’ve got a rather odd pillow, though; It’s filled with something like birdseed or something of similar consistency, and it makes the pillow very firm. Feather pillows are simply uncomfortable to me, unless they’re either PACKED with feathers or very nearly flat.

I always sleep on my side facing the wall near my bed, because I don’t like to see my room at night (pretty scary :happy: ), and I had 3 lucid dreams since then…YAY!
But, I experimented to see if it works when sleeping on the ground on top of a thin mattress, and it didn’t go well. I guess what’s better always is what’s comfortable for you.

In my bed :wink:

No seriously it’s usually on my side, I can’t sleep on my back, feels like I can’t breathe properly or something. On my belly is okay but my mattress has gotten a little lumpy and my ribs get jabbed by the lumps. I usually wake up facing the door but I just roll until I get comfortable.

I like to sleep the same way no matter were I sleep, I wonder if it makes much of a difference depending on what side you sleep on but it’s probably just preference .

In my bed :razz:
On my side to get to sleep but i feel i get further when attempting wild lying on my back, think thats just because my arms and legs dont touch :smile:

On my bed and on my right side. Cold pillow and my special blanket, having it cold is a plus! :cool: & I have more vivid or memorable dreams on my left.

I sleep on my belly, in my bed, in complete darkness, with no sound except my fan running on low. I sleep very well when it’s very cold in the room (in the 60’s f is nice) and my pillow and blanket are very comfortable when they are cold too.
I can only sleep on my belly; any other position isn’t comfortable. The sound of my fan is soothing to me; It helps me relax when attempting any LD’ing technique.

In bed, dark with fans on XD.

I have never once fallen asleep with a light on other than maybe the computer monitor.

I heard this on the radio on my way to Cali :smile: (m.npr.org/story/138922339?url=/2 … -pressure- soccer-goalies-tend-to-dive-right) and I thought this might have a effect on the way you sleep.

I like to sleep in a big bed with the room perfectly dark, and no noise whatsoever. I can’t really fall asleep otherwise :sad: