Which mantra?

So, I’m pretty new to LD and I haven’t had one yet :neutral: I’d like to know any mantra’s though.

Currently I do something on the lines of:

“I am going to dream of (what I want to dream of). I am aware of my dream. I will remember my dream”.

Does the mantra always have to be the same? Is the one I do “correct”?

Thanks for reading :wink:

I think it’s better to avoid ‘I’m going to…’ You should change it to ‘I am dreaming of…’ Exept for that, your mantra is perfect!

Here is a link to an article by BenDrummin that explains some of the best ways of getting messages through to your un/subconscious mind. Be careful about making it to long. The real need is to get an intention locked in. Sometimes short, clear and to the point is better than saying every last thing you want in detail. Read the article, it’ll make more sense, and make sure to go to the other link he has posted on top for his follow up.

After reading both articles I’ve edited my “mantra” to this:

“I am dreaming of (x topic). I am aware of my dream. I will remember my dream.”

Hope this is better :wink:

‘I am aware that I’m dreaming’ probably fits better than being aware of a dream.

I go for

Mens sana in corpore somna

Bad Latin for “a healthy mind in a sleeping body.” It’s a beautiful language, and I thought this phrase just had a nice cadence.

Reminds me of Etzio when he assasinates someone, just putting my penny in.

That is a loooong and informative post that link has.