Which music do you like the most?

Radiohead, Bjork, Interpol, some Aphex Twin and more. I like a lot of different kinds - music with jazz in it, asian sounds or more old fashioned -blues, soul etc.

The music I like are usually only instrumental music… They often set up an atmosphere. Also, the music I like are often have a sad and melancholic feel. I don’t really know why but listening to them helps soothe me a bit.

I listen to most metal genres (heavy, melodic, power, trash), exept death, nu and black (except In Flames, this band started my metal love :smile: ) my favorite bands are:
-Blind Guardian
-Sonata Arctica
-In Flames
-Chainsaw (those two are from poland, most of you don’t know them)
-SOAD (many count them as nu, i count them as all in one.)

Rock all the way, baby! :cool_laugh: It’s funny, my friends influence most of the stuff I’m into. I hang out with a bunch of rock heads (yes, rock heads :tongue: ) so I love rock. Every once in a while jazz is good too, but only if I’m in a relaxed mood. I looooove oldies, I’ll tell you that. One thing I can’t stand though is slow songs. There are only a few of those I can stand, and they’re classics. :cool:

SOAD rocks- WHOOOOOOOOOO!!! :hurray:

i don’t really have a set genre but heres my list of fav bands at the moment:

System Of A Down
Rage Against The Machine
Pink Floyd
The Dandy Worhols
The Cure

I like a huge variety of stuff, but 80% of what I listen to is metal (everthing from hair to gore)

Rock and Roll baby !

All from elvis to slayer , acdc is the best .
Iron Maiden.
Alive cooper and
Black sabbath.
And some eagles , cash and Dylan

Underground ‘true school’ hiphop from the UK and the US.

UK wise I like Jehst, Task Force, Braintax, Maestro, Lewis Parker and generally all the guys associated with Low Life Records in London, Phi Life Cipher in Luton and Marc B and Blade (arguably the founders of UK hiphop). The whole UK scene is ridiculously underground with Roots Manuva being just about the only proper rapper to break through and have commercial success.

As for the US… I can listen to some mainstream for short periods because some of those guys do know rap and are comfortable with the basic techniques of it and can rip the occasional mean verse (I’m thinking Eminem, Snoop, Missy, Luda etc), and also I find the sheer success hiphop has had in the mainstream interesting, and how it’s spreading out to influence other forms of music. But the likes of Jurassic 5, Dilated Peoples and The Roots have more skill than the majority of mainstream artists (excluding the likes of Eminem on absolutely top form) and I find I can relate to the content a lot better (I’m culturally biased but I find ‘indie’ rap a whole lot more intelligent than materialistic ghetto rap, on the whole). And then when you get to the really underground level of the guys at Definitive Juxtaposition records (Mr Lif, Aesop Rock, El-p, Cannibul Ox, MURS, C Rayz Walz etc etc) then well… rap starts to become something else entirely, something a lot more ambitious.

I’m going to see both Taskforce and Jehst live for the first time this month so it’s going to be a really special month for the evolution of my hiphop journey. Will probably post up show reviews here as the UK scene needs all the support it can get!!!


YEAH.I likethis forum,it surprises me every day as i’m searching it.METALHEADS UNITE the world’s ours. :razz:
I like all kind of music except pop i can say.My last favourite band is Kreator,i just took a couple of cd’s yesterday(I’m not YET a cd-addict).A very good friend of mine put me in the black metal zone and i can say i enjoy it.But rock is a choice of mine when i want to relax.Blues and jazz<== i love although haven’t heard much.

Kreator Kreator Kreator
Kreator Kreator Kreator
Yeah i’m stuck i write these lines and my previous posts while listening to endless pain the album. :happy: :mrgreen_hat: :woot:
P.s: Opeth rule as well as far as i’m concerned :content:

YES OPETH. YOU ARE AWESOME Dawn’sDeath. i also have been love yngwie malmsteen. that mans music is brilliant.

Heh id have to say my favorite types of music would be classic rock and… thinks i dunno… instrumentals and… *SOME rap… icp when i want to laugh at really stupid things :tongue: and oingo boingo :happy:

I like a lot of music that starts with the letter “B”. e.g. Björk, Boards of Canada, The Beatles… :content:

I’ll listen to anything really (except for R&B, hip hop and pop) but mostly it’s rock and metal. Favorite bands include: System of a Down, Nine Inch Nails, A Perfect Circle, Ozzy Osbourne, Audioslave, Disturbed, Greenday, The Ramones, Muse, Cranberries, Smashing Pumpkins, REM, Nirvana, Fear Factory and many more.

I love music, couldn’t live without it. :smile:

Dream on. // Olesia

Mostly classic rock and jazz, but some new work as well:

Pink Floyd
Led Zeppelin
The Doors
Depeche Mode
Miles Davis
Willie Nelson
Eric Clapton (et al.)
Robert Nesta “Bob” Marley

Cool guys !
Avesome !

Rock n` roll all the way .
And metal too !

Hard n`Heavy ! :wink:

Tangerine Dream, Steve Hillage, Caravan, BOC, Hawkwind, Zappa, Jethro Tull, Rush, Yes etc etc

“Then everyone says, you like prog, you must like ELP?”

I don’t remotely like ELP.

you know what i always find this to be the most difficult question to answer. I’m after talent, people that can play their instruments and blow my mind or give me orgasms, which ever comes first.
I’ve heard a LOT of extremely talented musicians from a wide variety of music. Each genre of music has its prime musicians and something different and unique to offer.

I’m mostly into rock music, all kinds. There is nothing like a solo or harmonious clash of instruments. oh you want to talk about clash, classical takes the cake. you got 40+ EXPERT players performing pieces that were written centuries ago. oh its just to die for.

I guess if i really had to pick just one… ohh… its just too hard. Definately rock music tho. Acid, punk, classic, even grunge isn’t that bad, jam. its allllll gravy baby.

Mazzy star “look on down from the bridge”

Heres another cool one

Hope Sandoval “Down the steps” Mazzy star is one of my bands

Anyone ever heard of Dream Theater? They are undoubtedly my favourite band. Progressive style metal that is very versatile. All absolute masters of their instruments.

Im really into metal (In Flames, pantera, arch enemy etc), progressive (porcupine tree, the mars volta etc), rock (Velvet revolver being my fave in rock) and some shred.