which programs fight for your blank cds?

when i put in a blank cd, first windows comes up saying something like hey! you have inserted a blank cd! I am going to pop up this box to annoy you! what do you want to do? open the folder for writing, use windows media player to create an audio cd or use some other annoying option. then itunes opens up by itself saying hey! you inserted a blank cd! even though I wasnt open before im just going to open up now because i feel like annoying you every time you insert a blank cd! click the effing button in the corner to write a cd! then nero opens up saying hey! youve inserted a blank cd! i wasnt open before either but im just going to open up anyway to annoy you! what do you want to do? make an audio cd, make a mini dvd, make a svcd, make some other crud, blahblah then another program will probably come up saying hey youve inserted a blank cd! even though i annoy you by popping up i still expect you to use me to write some crud onto your cd! please please please use me to write crud to your cd and not some other program.

i know i can set it so that itunes and other programs dont open up by themselves but i cant be bothered to go into the options and that.

what programs if any fight over your blank cds?


funny post karl :grin:

I think it’s only one prog that does it, but it has been quite a while when I had a blank CD.

I’ve NEVER inserted a blank CD. But i might one day. I remember listening to an audio CD. the windows CD player came up, the Deluxe CD player came up. I bet if i did it now Media player would pop up aswell…

You can choose the “Do nothing” option, check the “Do this every time” box in the pop-up window, and hopefully, you will never see it again. :cool:

i know but what if i want to open the folder for writing? then how do i do that if i never see it again?

I ahve the other problem right now .

My WMP aint working , it comes up but when I klick it it dont open :sad: