Who has the best recall?

8 dreams in one night!

I wonder how many dreams we actually do have… so many that the memory can’t process them quick enough and ends up discarding most of them, probably!

My record is 4 or 5 in one night, but my average is 2 per night.

But really, I don’t think the “number” of dreams is a good way to measure good or bad recall. Sometimes I’ll remember 3-4 different fragments from the same night. Other times, I recall one or two dreams that are several pages long after I type them.

At my peak, I used to average about five dreams a night.

@ Rodrigo:

I’m not using it to measure good or bad recall! I just thought it’d be interesting to see how many everyone can get!

3 average, 5 tops
usually 1-2 lucid the rest NDs

4 is my record

my highest is 12 dreams
but my average at the moment is 2 to 3 :smile:

holy crap! 12 dreams, that’s the highest so far!

can anyone beat moogle?

Wow, 12? that’s intense!

Well what defines the break between your dreams? So it’s not a continuous dream the hole night? I’ve managed to remember 6 hours of sleep into one long dream, going to various locations - it would feel like 4 dreams, but it’s still just one long dream.

The way I understand it, a dream ends when your REM period ends, and when your next REM period starts, your next dream starts too. Although I’ve heard it’s possible to have nREM dreams, though they’re supposed to be very hard to remember, and they’re supposed to be very “mundane”…

I agree with Rodrigo, it’s much more important how clearly and vividly you remember your dreams, rather than how many you remember. What’s the point of remembering 10 fragments, if they mean nothing?

I thought we were in REM sleep all night (if we didn’t wake up totally), but I guess some people cycles between REM and stage 2 sleep. I figured that when the dream feels divided, it was because I just couldn’t remember how it was connected when I woke up.

Not much :wink: I agree too…

Did any of you (who’re saying about the importantness of dream recall) read that?

I agree, vividness is more important than how many you remember. But this is a thread to see who got the highest, not to argue over what’s better, vividness or count!

I did, and you’re right in both :wink: My point was just, maybe it wasn’t 2 dreams a person had, but 1 long and “he” couldn’t remember the connection between them.

Oh yeah, i see where you’re coming from!

could spell your way to lucidity! (how did I get here?)

rarely more than one. normally none.

Average is 3-4. Highest is 6. Of course, this is disregarding dry-spells that i get about once a month for 3 or 4 days at a time where I remember virtually no dreams.

I hate those :sad:

I had better DR last night after think about it.

That made me get 1 less entry in the dj, i suddenly realised they were the same dream :grin:

Because remembering you had 10 LDs even if they are fragmented can fill you with hope more than 1 full LD. My dreams don’t mean anything most of the time full or fragmented so it makes little difference.

my average is 2 per night, but i remembered like 4 or 5 this morning!