who have low movitation

i watched this vidio on youtube.and it maked me very movitated.i hope it does for you :content: .

here is the link
the world of lucid dreaming

Great video. Also great motivator and reminder on what we can do and how awesome it is.

Tnx for posting this!

you welcome.glad you like it :smile:

Watched the whole video. It was very good indeed! I didn’t see any mistakes or anything in his theory’s!

Thanks for posting! :happy:

Really nice video. Better save it for when I feel i’m not motivated enough :content:

thanx every body

Maybe the best LD video I have seen.

me too.i realy liked this vid.and the music…its just awesome :grin:

Really, awesome video! I had to do a couple of RC’s because I got this unique exhilarating feeling. Thanks for posting it!

and i guess that this video will be very helpfull.aspsialy for new meberes that are trying to have ld and there moviatation is low.

Thanks for posting! It definitly motivated me!

It was pretty awesome. I have yet to have an LD because I don’t write in my DJ/do RC’s enough, so this kind of thing is great :happy: I guess I’ve been very busy lately though, so it’s probably not the best time to try for LD’s anyway (Christmas break ftw)

thx guys

I have had a rather big lack of motivation for about 10 days now; I really don’t know why either, but for some reason it started around the same time I had my last lucid dream (it was really short, though :tongue:).
I mean I’m still cognitively aware of all the possibilities that lucid dreams can give me, but I just don’t feel that… “spark” and excitement right now.
I guess it’s normal to feel that way, though. :peek:

Anyway I’m gonna watch that video now, I’m sure it will help. :woo: :content:

lol wow, I actually think this video did rekindle my interest again. :lol:
At least it feels like I’m ready to pursue this once more. :happy:

Thanks for the video! I have been lacking in motivation for about a month now so it’s time to start up again