Who's up for making a 9gag post about lucid dreaming?

This would be a great way of sharing lucid dreaming, and making more people aware on what it is! There are some post on 9gag of lucid dreaming, but most of them are bad and saying it’s really scary. Who’s up for the idea, and say any suggestion on what the post should be about?

Just a suggestion: post anywhere, but never on 9gag. 9gag isn’t suited for such stuff. There have been several LD posts already, and I can tell, that they’ve started hating it. 9gag is made for jokes, not for advertising lucid dreaming. Maybe, rather, have an article posted in an online newspaper, or organise an event in your school/town/whatever. I’ve myself done a talk at a TEDx event organised in our school on the topic of lucid dreams. I must say, it’s a far better method and experience.

What online newspaper would you suggest?

well, you do reach more people thru 9gag. and it’s true that 9gaggers have almost begun growing a fear of LD:ing and i’d want to do something about that.
(Classmate 9gaggers talking about it and how scary it seemed.)

Sad really, something so beautiful isn’t to be feared.

and of course it’d be a long post. so i’d end it with joey saying: -“im not even sorry!” :wink:

I would advice to start local. I do not really know about the newspapers in your contry, but I can give an example from mines. There are a couple of news sites here, which allow the reader’s to send an article written by themselves. This article is checked, and, if it is appropriate and interesting, it will be posted in the public article section, where the readers from the whole country can see it. It’s a great way of spreading new ideas, and I’ve already seen an introductory article to what a LD is in a newspaper. I hope you have similar sites, which allow such things as well. Of course there are many ways of spreading information, this is just one possibility. Posting on 9gag is an another option, but, I’m afraid, it will do more harm than good.

concerning the papers, we have them same, where we can send in articles and such but i don’t think anyone has written about LDs :smile: (mostly old bitches complaining).

and you might be right, it might do more harm than good posting on 9gag.

I just noticed that you’re from Sweden too Hedmalm :smile: I’m kinda curious what city you live in,(you don’t have to tell of course) Well if we make a post showing all the awesomeness in lucid dreaming on 9GAG and just tell how sp is not scary and you don’t even need to experience it. And of course joey with the chocolate cake :razz: I thought we could write in the end like : welcome to Ld4all and have a picture of the site icon in
the end.

And i don’t think it can do any harm, cause some people will discover lucid dreaming and those who will think it’s scary would probably not discover it on there own either.

I sort of agree with Paulius, that putting things on 9gag would do more harm than good. I also think that it would be even worse to advertise the site so blatantly to the trolls and spammers that frequent that site. I will also point out that 9gag and sites like it happen to all have the same pictures, meaning that some sites share and change and steal pictures, so a picture with our site on it could go on to a lot of unwelcome places. But I think a cool one would be to get lding in webcomics thereby showing stuff like sp isn’t scary or so.

Why directly advertise LD4all? That is not the point is it? People would just dismiss it as “some stupid add”

My idea is to use a picture with a good and interesting view. example
And just give it a caption. Nice and simple. Like “Lucid Dreaming”, some people will just scroll down and the curious ones would google it :wink: Obviously this is just and idea, no telling if it would succeed. But IMO it would be more succesful than advertising LD4all. I mean, after googling for some time they would most likely end up here anyway :woo: Subliminal Advert? :happy:

Great idea , might seem a little pushy to mention ld4all how about this one?

I think it was about half a year ago when the whole lucid dreaming posts have been posted on 9gag…and like some here already said, they spread more fear than enthusiasm.
But anyways, many people ended up googling it … like me, for example. And thats how I came to this website, even though my interest for LD deepened some months later.
So, you CAN reach a large audience via 9gag. And many people will google it. But I think it should be short and the message clear - that we can learn to control our dreams if we want to! Nothing about further techniques, no experience…just that the word “lucid dream” is in there, connected with something interesting. Like a slogan :smile:

What about something like

[b]You want to burn your school? You want to survive zobie apocalypse? You want to fly like a bird? You want to play bowling with planets?

You want to make your dreams come true?
Dont cry about being a dreamer…

Become lucid! :razz: [/b]

Still, its not really funny. Maybe s.o. can think of a joke or something like that, so it would fit to the site’s normal content.

It does not need to be a funny post, half of all the posts that come out today are things like: Cool things, pictures of landscapes and interesting facts! Can someone find or (even better) make a cool image describing lucid dreaming?

something like this?

No thanks, i have two reasons.
1.9GAG thinks that sleep paralysis is lucid dreaming because someone said so, and they probably won’t go back to LDing ever.
2.I don’t like 9GAG (It’s a personal opinion.)

As someone said, there were a few LD posts on 9 gag a few months earlier. Some of the 9gaggers sort of accepted it as interesting. After a day or two, a couple of more posts of LD’ing came out. Some people started getting annoyed. After that, posts about LD’ing kept coming and coming on 9gag. That resulted in thousands of haters. The highest rated comments were like: “Get out of 9gag you lucid dreamers”. I wouldn’t bank on 9gag when it comes to advertising lucid dreaming. 9gag doesn’t like advertisements anyway. Of course, it will make some people google for it, and it might get our forum a couple of new users, but it may also cause some anger and hate. I do not really know how good/bad the consequences will be. You might try posting it, as an experiment, but don’t make it look like an annoying advertisement.

Well Frequent… I’m from Varberg, Halland. And where are you from? :smile:

Your from göteborg? :happy: i am from as far away from göteborg you can get in sweden! I live in Luleå, norrbotten. Are you often to liseberg?

hah, yeah. Twice or so every year atleast :smile: