Whose DCs have said the strangest things? Part II

In the dream my mom made the “joke” “diarrhea may spoil our emissions” :confused: While I was dreaming it seemed really funny though…

Also not something character actually SAID but a few nights ago I had a dream I was waiting for and then riding on a bus the number of which was 1984 which is the year I was born

I had a dream when I tried to get past some kind of fence, but all gates were locked.
Then some small girl came and told me to climb the fence at a certain place, and then started singing “You gotta move on” over and over. :eh:

I feel like this means something, but I’m not sure what - something about finding solutions to problems in less obvious ways, I guess.

I just had a dream where my brother’s computer stopped working and I asked my mom why and she said it was due to “resonance wire decay” :confused:

Try having a dream that your dog was called ‘MAX’, after a radiator, by your mom and his food gets called…SAM. o_O;

All in capitals.

Not sure if this counts, but I remember hearing a voice during HH that used a really bizarre simile. I don’t remember the first part, but it went basically like:

something something is “like having lunch with a dinner bully.”


When I had my first LD, I wanted to experience what I always wanted to do: talk to a DC.
So I ran to the first DC I saw: a 45 years old woman (she looked like my biology teacher) and I asked her:
"-What do you know about me?

  • I live my life…"

Then I lost lucidity.
Do you think there is a meaning?

Long ago when I was a kid I had a dream where Richie Rich sat at a table with a couple friends and told a waitress “No thanks, I don’t want Maxi”.


From last night’s dream…


I was looking through an old DJ last night and found this, said by a little girl “There are two things inside my body that are nowhere else: white and black. High five.”, then we high five :lol:

I had something kind of similar in a dream: I was talking with someone else about ideas for monsters for some game we were making and he suggested a radioactive bull called a “Chernobull” :happy:

So I had my first LD last night. When I finally realized that I was dreaming (by looking down at my hands and seeing my middle two fingers shrivel into stubs) I went up to one of my co-workers, obviously a DC, and said. “Hey! I’m dreaming! I can control it too!”

His Response: “No s***? That’s awesome!”

From my Dream Journal entry this morning:

SPOILER - Click to view


DC: “Our actions have consequences. Everything we do together causes a rock between us to fall from the sky. That’s why we often say things like ‘you rock’.”
Me: “What if we’re inside?”
DC: “Then the house knows what it’s doing.”

[ND](With my mom at a wedding waiting for it to begin…)
DC Mom: Starts singing alone Here comes the bride!
Me , Looks around for the bride who is nowhere in sight.

(At some fancy hotel talking to a worker…)
DC: No Brian, you can’t paint the hotel walls brown, it’s too aggressive in comparison with the kitchen.

I wish I wrote down more conversations in my DJ, definitely going to do it more from now on :lol:

Had a few really odd ones last night:

My mom was saying something about how in the year 666 A.D someone wrote some books called “The Books Of Fire” I asked what they were about and she said the Shroud Of Turin…

My dad was showing me some pastries and asking me to guess which leader invented them. He showed me one lemon danish type thing and said it was invented by Hitler :confused:

Also in the same dream there was some person my family knew (not a real person just a made up dream character) who my parents said was deciding not to go to the bathroom for a week in order to protest something (I forget what)

Also I had one where I was babysitting this girl and told her to go to bed and she said something about wanting to go back in time to 8 hours after the Big Bang (I forget the exact words)

Had to share this one.

One DC suddenly states, “I came here from a dream.”


I asked a DC where and how I lost my left hand. I didn’t know because I had time traveled to my own future. He answered “It will come back to you.” Also had a lucid dream where a DC asked if I was afraid of monsters or if I hunted them. Kinda odd.

That’s a cool symbolism… It could pretty much refer to your inner demons, or your fears.

I answered no to both questions and I was amused by the whole thing. The woman was in a business suit and looked very seriously at me the whole time. I’m not actively seeking for monsters in my dreams, but I have encountered a lot of them. Some of them are scary, but fear is a healthy response to a dangerous encounter. It’s not illogical to feel fear. I aim to control the fear in my dreams so that it doesn’t control me. Fairly often I succeed and I cherish these small victories. Missing a chance to become lucid just because I fail to control my fears feels horrible.