Why am I not becoming lucid?

In the past week, I have had four dreams that lucid dreaming has been mentioned in :cry: . For example, in one dream I was talking to my friend about the mantra I was going to use when trying to lucid dream, and the one I had this morning in which I had to write an essay on lucid dreaming. Does anyone know why the thought of lucid dreaming in my dreams is not triggering the thought that I am in a dream? Any tips to help the thought of lucid dreaming in my dreams as a trigger to help me become lucid? (I am now starting to think that lucid dreaming is one of my dream signs) :happy:

If you often hear people mention lucid dreams in your dreams then that means you are extremely close;
that’s exactly what I got a few weeks before I started having my real lucid dreams. :wink:

Just spend some more time with your DJ and practice some LL, and you will get lucid dreams very soon.

Agree whole-heartedly here…this has been my experience as well. You’re almost there! Don’t rush…but don’t stop :smile: Gentle, light-hearted persistence is the key

Yes, exactly - don’t rush it, just aim for it. :content:

One thing I’ve personally started doing is this:
I have a decoration in my bedroom that reminds me of becoming lucid, and everytime I see it I start thinking “tonight I will realize I am dreaming and do Objective X in that dream”;
then when I go to sleep at night (preferably somewhere around 10 PM so I have mucho-mucho time to sleep :clap:) I attempt a WILD technique, but the point here is not to actually succeed with WILD, it is just to make use of that awareness while falling asleep so I might become extra aware during the dream - and while I lie there in bed I clearly picture myself at a certain place doing a certain action.
Seems to work great so far.

I’m glad to hear that :happy:. I’ve had lucid dreams in the past (not very vivid though :sad: ) , but I stopped trying. I recently started again, and I can’t really remember any of my dreams last night, but I know for sure that I did the nose plug reality check and I was still able to breath. I can’t remember much besides that though :sad: Oh well, I know that I’m close

If you are confident in your abilities then your chances will dramatically increase.
Use your past lucid moments as a confidence boost - you got them before, there’s nothing stopping you from getting them again. :ok: