Why is lucid dreaming percieved as being kooky

I don’t know about other countries but it seems that here in america things that involve dreams are seen as strange or kind of spaced out. Don’t get me wrong though, i have mentioned LD’ing to others and they replied with interest, but the majority will kinda give you a bewildered eye, kinda look at you like you actually have a third eyeball :wink: . But when you think about alot of the phrases we use like “dream on”, “in your dreams”, “keep dreaming buddy” you’ll see that it might be getting a bum wrap. alternatively though you have phrases like “shes the girl of my dreams” or when something big is happening they’ll say “pinch me, i think im dreaming”, so i don’t think its our language that is dragging it down .
Then i thought maybe it’s just this cultural thing.seeing that america is based on the buying and selling of material goods and silencing whatever kinds of fun that might affect sales. Religious people don’t take to practices of other religions and seeing that america is primarily catholic, christian or jewish and alot of what lucid dreaming comes from is eastern religion and philosophy. but not many people think that deeply into it so i think their opinions are affected more strongly by something else.
I definitley don’t see it as what im about to propose but i think people see it as something practiced by people who can’t do well in real life. They think that trying to get something going with a dream character instead of a real character is, for lack of a better term, weak. they might think that going to bed to have fun instead of leaving the house for it is kind of nerdy. In that though if you actually aren’t trying for anything but a dream they may have a point. im sure theres plenty of people that ld and give it a shot in real life and you realise stereotypes are being created even though even the most harsh scrutiny couldn’t make ld’ing seem that weird or bad. But at the end of the day i feel its an amazing thing as solid as any other practice, but don’t let it be your only practice. theres someone for everyone and fun begins with you.

I know what you mean. America is a degraded country that is inhabbited by millions of people wanting cheap thrills like: fast food. Anything that takes a little effort, or sometimes even any real spiritual effort is “put out” by the general american population as “odd”, “spacey” and “weird”.

I also agree with what you say about how they view the kind of people who practice lucid dreaming: people who don’t do well in life so they use their dreams. Heheh, if you ask me I’d tell you the only way I could ever fly is through lucid dreaming! Unless I had an airplane or something in real life, but that’s dangerous and not as cool…

I guess if people want to be like that, they will just have to miss out! Share lucid dreaming with your closest friends and people who you think would really care and if they don’t then that’s their choice and their loss. Lucid dreaming is fun! You don’t need america’s acceptance to enjoy it! That’s the great part!

Well, few people are aware that LD’ing is a scientific fact (some people who LD don’t know this too), and so when you present them the idea of it to a person who has never had one before, they perceive it as being weird (remember, different = weird).

However, I find that once I tell them it’s been scientifically proven, their opinion changes straight away. It will no longer be weird.

Also, it you take the subject to someone who has had one (or more) LD naturally, they won’t take it as being weird, but rather as normal (because their personal expereince makes it ‘normal’).

Yes, very few people understand that LD’s are proven. Also cultural understanding often lags far behind scientific accpetance.

Take the evolution theory that is currently widly accepted. Darwin develeped it in the early 1900’s so it took 50-100 for the acceptance to happen.

Many people don’t know what “lucid” means, and it makes them think of getting “high” --At least where I live. :tongue:

lol yea i got this too when i told someone about my LD… sigh

Yeah, I was talking to my friend David about it and I had my Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming book in my hand and my seminary teacher comes over and says, “Lucid doesn’t that mean kinda… not sure, far out there?” I interupted him by telling him it meant “Aware”. Crazy guy…

Darxide, I’ve had the same experience with a few a classmates.

Dreams haven been seen as strange sense the major religions began to label it badly; and in modern times since Freud (I’ve found out any dreaming-related topics will make people think of him). People are afraid to think for themselves and develop their own opinions; even more so of new experiences. Dreams are taken for granted or ignored by most people as nothing but a “side-effect” of living. People are afraid of what they don’t understand; especially when it’s themselves.

i’ve even spoken to people about it who said “i think i’ll stick with regular dreaming thank you”. hey, its their choice but i don’t see why they don’t find the idea fun at all.

I find that in the western world, that sleep itself is not even considered important, let alone dreaming or lucid dreaming.
People just think sleep is ‘something they do’, they don’t realize the physical or psychological importance of it, and this carries over into their attitudes about dreaming. I know some people that don’t like sleep and even put it off! :eek:

“It’s a dream, so its not real, so it doesn’t matter.”

I think if we all ‘woke up’ to these facts, our lives would be less stressful and we’d have a lot more fun, especially in our sleep :tongue:

Yeah… Freud claimed that mentally balanced, non-neurotic people didn’t have dreams… :tongue:

My friends are just like that. They are not interested about the topic, they think that its very hard to have lucid dreams and they need to do alot work for it.

Yesterday i told my friend to start on LD’ing and he said. “I dont wanna wake up at the middle of the night” He thought its necessary… and I can’t tell why. Then he asked what benefits he could get by LD’ing expect its fun. He thought it as fun but not beneficial in any way.

I told he can practise skills in dreams but he was VERY sceptic. Then I told him that dreams are as real as RL or even more vivid.
And he said like this “no they can’t be, how could they? Like there can’t be a house in the dream.” I said "there can… you can touch it, see it, smell it, taste it :smile: And he said “yes but it is not real in the Real world” He should read about the mind model or see himself what im talking about.

What the hell was he thinking? Where did these people get their weird opinions? Im sad that I can’t talk about LD’ing with anyone in IRL when they are too lazy to practise something so amazing as lucid dreaming. But on the other hand its their loss like someone here said.

Btw. I live in Finland

Well I’ve had the opposite experience so far. In that I talk about dreams sometimes with people and almost everyone seems to be enthustic about their own dreams with the exception of those experiencing nightmares. Everyone has some dream story they want to tell you about if you are in casual circumstantial conversation.

I know what you mean about people eyeballing you when you tell them about lucid dreams. “Far out man, just too weird, crazy, crazy.” followed shortly after you leave by, “That guy/gal is a freak/weird/not-normal”.

But it’s true. It’s all true. LD’s are real. And every now and then you run into another person who’s had them. More of my friends have had them than I even realized.

So I let the conversation stay at talking about dreams. Sometimes you’ll run into one who seems like like their dreams alot. Sometimes there’s a funny moment in the conversation where you just suddenly realize the person I am talking to has had LDs. Pretty freakin cool

As far as America it’s a continent, well two actually. As far as the egocentric USAers (of which I reside in the same country): capitalism never looked so good, democracy or oligarchy or aristocracy? Make up your mind (now with new and improved CIA mind control!).

Here in American Jr., things are pretty much the same. The average person has probably no interest in dreaming whatsoever, whether it be recording (or even remembering) their nightly experiences, or developing the skill of lucid dreaming. I don’t know, it’s just seen as a worthless activity, or something that has no value at all. Perhaps because it doesn’t (or doesn’t seem to) have any noticable benefit to your waking life, so people are adversed to taking it seriously. It’s just some silly images that flash around in your head when you’re sleeping. Nothing to get excited over.

Also, I learned from asking around a while ago that most people simply don’t remember more than one or two dreams per week–if that. I guess it just isn’t considered a significant part of most peoples’ lives, and it probably never occured to them that they can control their dreams with the right techniques and training. Though I find younger people to be more accepting of the idea than those who are fourty or upward. Maybe it’s just a matter of educating people, and it won’t be seen as “kooky” nonsense any longer.

OT; I always thought America Jr. was Canada.

I think it may be due to childhood nightmares why some people don’t like thinking of dreaming. When the conversation goes to dreaming a girl next to me always speaks about scary falling dreams she had as a kid. Then some guy would always say to ignore it. “Dreams aren’t important.”

Of coarse these people don’t know about LDing. :wink: Anyway, I think LDing would have to be heavily supported by popular culture (a movie, or show) first before it could be accepted by a larger audience. It would be nicer if they could uncondition people out of brainless stereotypes; but that’s impossible.

because there are a lot of fools who don’t except anything but what they are familiar with. take this as an example. In a class at my school, we were having a intellectual debate on the theory of evolution. my friend Ed, who’s a christian,has just said something about how he doesn’t trust carbon dating. I begin to reply, in a calm manor, when this stupid bible beater girl shouts out, “shut up Elliott!,” then she turns to her lacky and says, “he’s just being an idiot because he doesn’t believe in god”

so I reply, with a very cold tone, “at least I’m not a ignorant fool whos to narrow minded to accept anything thats new or different”

at this point, the teacher stands up and says, “thats enough! kristen, you’re wrong, try and think before you talk for once.”

anyway, the point of my little story isn’t to say religion is wrong (so christians, don’t be mad at me :content: ) , but to point out that a lot of people have trouble excepting new or different ideas.

I really don’t get why some people are afraid of new or different ideas, especially when they offer so many benifits, like lucid dreaming for example. I guess it’s juts that silly idea some people have, “What will other people think of me if I did that?!, They’d think I’m weird, a nutjob, a witch…”
I’d be willing to bet that there are more people than some think out there doing different things, be it lucid dreaming, some new age stuff, witchcraft, whatever, they just don’t talk about it for fear of what others will think. And, those people that call them wird, well, some of these are probably just doing so because they want to fit in.

Probobo, I fully agree with your first post. In Europe, we have the same problem. They just regard the outer world as important, and the inner world as negligible. If you’re interested in it, then you must have a psychological problem, or you are an artist, etc.
Dream is rejected, they think it’s the opposite of reality, and reality is what matters, cause it feeds you. From this point of view, they are no so different from animals.

So, I think it’s not a typical american problem, it’s the point of view of a whole humankind which thinks the only important thing is to feed themselves… until they die.

im se fed up with people who ignore these kinds of things. Like one of my friends said it again “its too much trouble over something like that”. They just don’t know what they are missing.

Sorry for posting again but i need to vent my anger. I hate the attitude im seeing towards LD’ing.

this a nation that thinks sleep = unconsciousness

the notion of everything we speak of and do is contrary to the very core of the stereotypical american’s belief systems when it comes to dreaming.