Wild during nap

How do you wild during a nap?

As odd as it sounds, you WILD the same exact way as you would if you had just awoken from WBTB.

Most naps put you straight into REM sleep (where you dream), and since you have been awake prior to the nap, everything mixes together for a pretty effective WILD. All the right ingredients are there, all you have to do is carry it through.

I would suggest though to not do a WILD that requires too much brain activity, unless you are extremely tired. Because WILDing after being awake for a long period of time makes it a bit harder to fall asleep than it would if you had just woken up at 5 am from 6 hours of sleep. But I guess even that is up to the person.

Anyways, give it a shot and let us know what happens!

thanks for the reply. It didnt really make much sense to me because i read that it was close to impossible to wild right when you go to sleep at night, so how would it be any different in the day? But i havent given it a try yet, maybe later today. Im actually doing a wbtb right now and im bout to go to sleep in a few minutes. later.

The difference is that when you nap in the afternoon, your mind doesn’t “need” the deep sleep as bad, so you can go directly into REM sleep, just like after WBTB.
Also, it is not “next to imposable” to WILD when you go to bed at night, just very hard. :cool: