WILD Experiment

Explination: [spoiler] :nuu: WOOO first topic post!! ( I had to say it) Clears throat adjusting tie Okay now that thats out of the way I would like to explain a possible new strategy for the WILD technique. I noticed that whenever I would drift off I would have an image of myself stepping on an icy step and slipping causing me to wake up kicking as if I actually slipped. If I recall correctly that the spazm comes from your body checking to see if you are really asleep. If you go with the fall and dont spaz, tricking your body into thinking you are asleep, you may slip right into a lucid dream. I have managed to do so once or twice and the first attempt I faded out because i moved while objects were still forming. [/spoiler] It is recomended for readers to test this strategy and post results. As you are dozing off whole heartedly imagine yourself skating or sliding around on ice. If you slip or fall try not to spaz out in RL and go with the fall. Hopefully after the fall you find yourself entering a lucid dream. Give it a little time for objects and senses to develop and enjoy …If you dont understand seek the spoiler for enlightenment. Please feel free to correct any errors or elaborate. (Some of my information may seem vague due to the lack of some LD and stage terms ) Heh thats 4am posting for ya :yaaawn:

This is actually a good idea as you said, the spasms are “test signals” to your body. I need to try and not twitch next time I feel a twitch coming. Only problem is that they are very sporadic and there is no warning as to when they come, for me that is.

(psst, This should probably be in lucid lab.)

anyways i’d love to try this out would make sense.

[color=green]:smiley: Yea I see what you mean these spasms are pretty unpredictable. After experimenting for afew months Ive been able to predict the and avoid them… :neutral: well most of them Im just now starting to get hand and finger twitches that mess me up and I still fall for afew leg twitches here and there…Then there are the random itchiness on the nose or arm. Ive learened that trying to resist those are annoying and unnecissary so I guess scratch asap :lol: btw nice signature cowboy bebop is epic.
and W!zz thanks for lookin out I’ll see about moving my topic to the lab… :bored: wait how do you move the topic?[/color]