WILD Feelings

I usually lie straight on my back with my arms resting at my sides when I WILD. Several times I have “felt” my hands differently. Once they felt as if they were resting on a very hard surface. Another time, I clearly felt them folded across my stomach, hands clasped. I could “feel” my hands touching each other, even though they were still at my side. Does this mean I am close to becoming lucid?

Probably, the “hand touching eachother” have occured to me as well, sometimes I have actually thought they were thouching eachother and I moves (BIG MISTAKE!). :razz:

I think you are getting CLOSER to becoming lucid, try to move your hands just a TINY TINY bit to the sides, for me, doing this makes my whole bed feel as if it was swinging.

We’ll, I would think you would be dreaming already. Gently do a RC like the noseblowing one. If you fail, continue WILD. If you succeed, try to visualise a dreamscape. Do not open your eyes, this interruption may wake you up.