WILD for dummies?

Hi guys, new to the forum as well as LD. :content:
To me, WILD seems to be the best method, as it can produce LD’s at will, which means an experienced WILDer might be able to control their dreams almost daily, which is what I’d like to do.

I wish to become a very dedicated LDer, but WILD only seems to keep me awake. A few problems I have include not experiencing any vivid hallucinations during my WILDding, only very very transparent or faded images and sounds of what could probably be the beginning of a dream. Sometimes after a while of being in SP, I begin to feel dizzyness or shaking, as if I was laying down ontop of the ocean and the waves were bobbing me up and down or side to side, but after about a while of that, both the images, sounds, and dizzy feeling fade and I lay in my bed for hours uneventfully until I finally decide to open my eyes, look at the clock and go to sleep due to extreme fatigue.

I do keep a dream journal in the form of a word document and I can recall about a minimum of 5 dreams a week, and it’s fairly easy for me. I have had two LD’s so far, but they were dream induced and my control inside them was very limited.

Since I have been trying for a while now (about two months or more) these feelings and images are not entirely new to me, and they no longer excite me or cause my heart rate to increase, which leads me to wonder why I can’t seem to progress any further with my WILD technique. I have tried WILD both at initial bedtime, as well as in conjunction with the WBTB method.

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance :content:

You seem to have been in the same predicament as myself! I had good dream recall, and I also had trouble getting all the way through with WILD(and getting to sleep). I dont claim to be some expert, but I successfully did WILD last night and it was a lot easier than I thought.

For one, continue to do WILD with WBTB (try to get 4.5 or 6 hours of sleep). If your like me and have trouble getting back to sleep, then just try to relax at first and only stay awake for about 5 minutes(any more and I get too awake to fall asleep again). You should feel really sleepy now, at which point, I normally get comfortable and then stay as still as I can. I sometimes count,(1 im dreaming, 2 im dreaming… etc.). I used to focus too hard to try to see patterns or any sort of HI, but that made them not show up, which may be your problem as well. Just kind of sit there with your eyes closed and see what happens(this is kind of vague, but remember to do something to keep your mind awake, but not awake enough so that you never fall asleep). If you are sleepy, relaxed you will probably feel shudders or vibrations of some sort which, I just calmly let happen. All you really have to do left is imagine/ or just see an image and if all goes well, you’re soon in a dream(Sorry I’m not really helpful as to what happens at this point).

That should help you some though!

Welcome HaM_SaNdWiCh :welcome:

I have the same problem with WILD and I’ve been LDing for quite a while now. I find that what helps is to try WILD after you’ve been sleeping for a while. One of the best times is if you wake up early in the morning and you’re still very tired, because you’ll fall asleep quickly and reach REM sleep within only a few minutes.
Keep in mind that WILD takes a bit of practise, so whatever you do, be persistent and eventually your efforts will pay off :yes:

thanks guys, I’m gonna try another WBTB WILD tonight and let you guys know what happened. And yeah, I bet it is way easier than I make it out to be. :happy:

I agree! Stick with WBTB/WILD for now. It is much easier to do after getting some sleep. You could also try WILD with an afternoon nap.

You might want to learn either meditation or self hypnosis. This is not required but it can help you with WILD.

While you are laying in bed just focus on whatever technique you are doing. Don’t lay there waiting for things like hypnotic imagery or SP or anything else. Let all of those thoughts and feeling go. They will just keep you awake. Your only focus should be on your technique.

Have a time frame in mind. If you do not succeed in say an hour (or however long you want to give yourself)then let go of WILD and fall asleep. A lot of times this can have a MILD like effect and you may still wake up in your dreams later in the night.

What WILD induction method are you using?

BTW- Welcome to the forum :smile:

Update: I just had a dream induced LD last night! :content:

Yeah, I agree that It would be a good idea to try and relax myself more, because I usually end up keeping myself awake. Would you be able to suggest what WILD induction method would be good for a person like me who has trouble falling asleep when WILDing?

Congrats on the LD :yay:

Good job on the LD! Also Im really happy with the information you all gave about the WILD tech. I was having trouble understanding it too. Im gonna try it tonight so thanks again yall.