WILD in the evening

So I stayed conscious when falling asleep three times now and every time I ended up in a black void. Upon yelling “LD start”, “1000 times LD”, “etc. etc”, and trying to feel my environment, nothing has happened yet. Each time I tried sitting it out until first REM phase, or at least some hallucinations would start but failed to stay conscious due to boredom (about 5 mins after achieving a lucid state I’d say).

Anyone else had better luck? What else can I try, except for WILD’ing later at night :razz:

Or is it just impossible…? :sad:

ps. it’s not that I’m trying to WILD in the evening, it just happens and I want to benefit from it. :content:

Yeah I get that, you’re going to sleep and you are able to fall asleep consciously and you think: heck, if I can do that why I wouldn’t try a WILD?! Right?!

Those dreamers that report dreaming in NREM sleep they said that dreams are not as vivid as those in REM sleep and they are lees interesting. I guess it’s just because of the lack of REM sleep…

Maybe aren’t you enough tired for a WILD… You may also try at night.

should you be tired for WILD? I would like to try it, but always end up falling fast asleep because i’m so tired at night. and naps are not an option, lol.

if you are really tired, what’s a good way to keep yourself from just collapsing into sleep like a brick? maybe focusing on the shapes and colors on your eyelids more? last night I was aware of each stage in my falling asleep, the colors turning into images then the thoughts in my head running wild until i’m just out. but I remembere no dreams this morning which frustrated me.

I think I know what you mean by a black void. Once I was trying to WILD, and I couldn’t see, but two things, I wanna say dragons, were fighting overhead from where I was floating
in the darkness.
It matters for me what time, I try more than I first expected. So you could try setting an alarm for five or six hours after you go to bed and then try to WILD.

I’m a bit insomniac so it’s kinda hard to fall asleep for me… I don’t how about you.
I just said that 'cause if you’re not enough tired to fall asleep, nothing will happen. :confused:

@dB_FTS, I think you’re right. Sad though, being conscious while sleeping but not able to get a LD… :razz: what a waste… maybe next time when I’m conscious on accident, I’ll try to stay put and see if those NREM dreamers are right!

@dreamincolor, if you’re trying to WILD in the evening, you’re not likely to succeed. Usually people get to the point where they see images and hear sounds but rarely succeed at staying conscious when they actually fall into sleep. It just happens to me sometimes without trying (and as you read, not much comes out of that). If you want to try WILD, it’s best to do it after a couple of hours of sleep. That way you are probably tired enough to still be able to fall asleep and awake enough to stay conscious when you do fall asleep. What helps me is stress… but stress isn’t the best. You can tell yourself to stay aware, like you program yourself so whenever you get to the point where you fall into sleep, you are alarmed by your mind that you have to be alert. This may work or it won’t; either you get alarmed at the right moment (the second you fall asleep) so you get awareness/consciousness the second you fall asleep (thus, you are conscious while you’re asleep, not SP but actual sleeping) and you can wait for the first hallucinations, or you get alarmed by your own mind at the wrong time, when you are very very close to falling asleep. The frustrating thing here is that you wake up upon getting conscious and you have to start over (very frustrating). Or you can stay focussed the entire time you’re waiting to fall asleep. Like you said, watching the images before your eyes. Maybe you can also program yourself here, just in case since it’s easy to slip off into your subconscious while waiting to fall asleep. Anyway…good luck.