WILD king! But no Dream!

I’ve WILD ed over twenty times, but I seem not to be able to go into a dream. Someone tell me what to do at the last stages of a WILD!

once the bright lights and swirling colours with humming sounds kick in, visualise your surroundings.

im close with wild, i practice it every night.

I want to know if it is possible and how long it will take to actually enter a dream while doing wild wen first going to sleep at night, without using wbtb


just so you know, wbtb is totally different to wild. just some people often try wilding during wbtb.
anyways, from when i start trying to wild, till the HI is about 5-10 minutes i suppose, though my track of time is lost due to me being dreamy.
then after that is about a minute till i enter a dream