How many of you guys choose WILD over MILD, or vice versa.

It really depends on you, but personally, I find MILD alot easier, and it gives me alot better results. but thats because I have very high confidence in myself.

So what are your personal steps for MILD? and how fast do you fall asleep?

I fall asleep pretty fast.

The steps I use can be found here (if you havent checked it out already) dreamviews.com/community/sho … hp?t=39389

basically, it tells you to boost up your confidence, use autosuggestion, tell yourself that you WILL have a lucid dream , and then visualize yourself becoming lucid in a dream.

Falling asleep is basically one of my biggest problems.

I never fall asleep at the same time everyday, therefore autosuggestion is very hard…well…it’s not hard it’s just that after repeating a mantra 300 times it tends to get boring.

What I’ve been planning to do is go to sleep “normally” then waking up in the middle of the night, when I wake up randomly in the middle of the night I can practically go back to sleep within 10 seconds. So during that 10 seconds that’s when I plan on saying the mantra with meaning and confidence. Sound good?

Sounds very good.

The thing I like about the link I provided, is that it encourages that you SHOULDNT keep repeating " I will dream" like a mindless zombie. Because eventually it will lose meaning and you can lose your confidence over it.

I suggest that you say it once or twice before going to sleep, think about what your saying, and mean it.
The visualizing part is more important though. Visualize HOW you will become lucid (rc , dreamsign , etc) and what to do when you are lucid.

I do like your idea of a WBTB type method, because it greatly increases your chance for a LD.

Just remember, Road2Lucidity , you WILL have a lucid dream.

best of luck to you!

This is probably why I never really had success with MILD, with a few lucky exceptions.

I used something along those lines before going to bed last night. My DR had been pretty bad these past three weeks. I basically told myself ‘Look, we’ve remembered dreams million times before. It’s super easy. We’ll do it again tonight’. I also said I’d wake up after every dream I would have. I woke up in the middle of the night to write one down. :content:

Next week, I will add a couple of LD related affirmations. I am still VERY interested in mastering WILDs (I have succeeded a few times) but MILD are also very good when you don’t want to work too hard. I’m lazy like that… hehe.

I prefer MILD (and other DILD techniques) than WILD. I’ve very few success with WILD (just 3 WILD’s yet about 130 DILD’s).