WILD Problems..what else is new?

Okaay…sooo… I used to LD a lot. I used to be able to have LD’s whenever…but then I stopped practicing, stopped doing RC’s, and lost a lot of dream recall.

Now I have been trying to get back into it. I do all my RC like I used to, I’m doing everything like I used to.

Now, I have been doing a lot of WILD during the day. I wake up at about 6am, go to the gym, and when I come back I am EXHAUSTED, I take a hot shower, and I feel really relaxed. I lay in my bed, in a comfortable position and attempt my WILD.

Now, the problems I am having include, the swallow relfex, eye lid activity, twitches, and possible concentration.I lay down,and after about 20 minutes I am very relaxed. My limbs get really heavy, and usually about once per attempt, I get a HUGE twitch. I don’t just mean my finger slightly moves, I mean like…my arm will fling up a foot into the air. Anyone know what the deal with this is?. Next, is the swallowing reflex, I try m hardest to ignore it and tot hink of something else…but the sensation keeps building and I swallow, anyone have any tips to stop this? My third problem is the eye lid activity. Sometimes I’ll get to the point where I’m really concentrated and Im looking hard into the dark space, and my eye lids will flutter a lot! During this, my eye lids start to slooooowly open, what does this mean? or why does this happen?

My last question, typically after a little while, my heart rate will increase, my breathing rate will increase, but nothing happens after that? What is this and how can I get better at WILD so that I can get through to the scene.

Thanks for reading! :smile:

Ok, first off for the twitching, stretching can be pretty helpful to stop twitches. If you’re just coming from the gym as well, you’re muscles might be slightly tense even after the shower. Sometimes this happens to my leg as well. For me it keeps happening until I get out of bed and stand on it. Yeah, it breaks the cycle but at least it’s bearable.

Swallowing, my mortal enemy. Not swallowing, mind you, but guides telling people not to swallow. If you have to swallow just do it without thinking about it a lot. It’s a natural function, you will be fine if you do. Yes, if you think about it too much while you do it it can slow things down a little, but a lot less than going “OMG I NEED TO SWALLOW!!(*$!!” for half an hour.

If your eyes start doing this you can try reverse blinking. With your eyes shut, open and close them quickly, about the same as when you blink normally. This should tire your eyes out and keep them from trying to open.

The breathing is your body taking over. You might feel constrained or like you’re suffocating but it’s something that happens normally. The heart rate usually has to do with the stress associated with thinking that you can’t breathe.

With those questions answered I would suggest trying a short WBTB rather than getting up and trying to nap later. It sounds like when you’ve gone to the gym your body has woken up so much it’s made things more difficult. I’m not saying don’t try it, but you may also want to try it within about 5 minutes of first waking up.

Jesus Rhewin, you’ve done it again! Swallowing was one of the biggest things holding me back from WILD, but with the knowledge that one can swallow during, I may be able to do it now. Every now and then, I’d quit and stretch out and swallow, and find that my mouth and throat were completely dried. Like, bone dry. But now, that won’t be a problem!!! Twitching was also a minor problem and stretching just might do the trick to stop them.

So, if the twitching stops thanks to the stretching, then you, completely by yourself, would have fixed my eyelid opening with the reverse blinking, twitching with stretching, swallow reflex with relaxed swallowing, and roll over signal with differently lengthened WBTBs! You may be the person who single handedly allows me to lucid dream. Thank you.

P.S.- I started watching Doctor Who thanks to your quotes and stuff.