WILD problems

I have problems with WILD. I have tried many WILD variants, and none of them are effective.

  1. If I go to sleep without WBTB (sleeping on my side), I just seem to fall asleep to soon.
  2. If I go to sleep without WBTB (sleeping on my back), I can’t fall asleep nor get into SP. I just seem to lay there, watch the HI’s and listen to HS’s. I go trough weird vibrations every time, but none of them lead me to LD’s. Once I somehow managed to get into SP, but I got out of it because then I didn’t know how to get into lucid dreams from the SP state, I just knew how to snap out of it. After an hour or so laying there, my body starts to hurt like hell and every part of my body itches and I just can’t resist moving.
  3. With WBTB I just fall asleep (I can’t resist moving to my side if I’m on my back).

Most of the nights I just lay there for 15 minutes, until I realize that its not leading anywhere.

One thing I must say about WILD, its gotten me in some really nice experiences, but no LD’s.

You’ve got any advice for me?

The best trick I’ve learned is to use WILD with WBTB. But the WBTB varient I use I to wake up, write in my DJ and go back to sleep. It’s true, you fall asleep very quickly while you do this, but that actually makes things a bit easier. Just keep repeating “I’m dreaming” over and over. It will probably take several tries before you get it right, but it’s the easiest way to do it.

Also, once you get into SP, imagine yourself rolling out of bed or floating upward. You may have an OBE if you use the floating method, but all you need to do is land on the ground and proceed like any other LD.

Thank you. Going to try it to night.

you shouldnt think anything, just dont give your thougts any attention, use the reverse blinking technique if you fall assleep too quickly. I’ve got the same problems.

P.S pratice and you will succeed :content:

Like I said, I can lie there for hours without thinking, so its pointless.

well, i think its the hardest technique of all. I’m still practicing WILD but still not working

Now I have another problem. I keep getting SP’s, but I just go out of it in a minute or two. And when I go out of it, it is impossible to get into hypnagogia again, it awakes me.

Any solutions?

And yes, I was soooo close yesterday, I even got to the point where I can zoom on HI’s and where HI’s are moving and creating whole scenes. I even felt at one scene that I’m a part of it. Then the fake SP (or whatever it is) came.

Let me describe the fake SP: It starts from my legs, moving up ofc. It slowly comes to my chest and I breathe hardly. It never comes to my head, I can always swallow. And its not like I can’t move my legs, hands or whatever. Its like I don’t know the control to move them. Everything ends in a few minutes, getting me out of hypnagogia state completely.

well try to get out of your body while paralized