WILD Question [heart beating fast]

Added “heart beating fast” to the title to make it more clear what the problem is ~Q~

So, I have been experimenting with WILD for about a week now, but just serioulsy started looking into it this weekend because I have extra time. Last night, after waking up at 4:00 am, I got up for 30 min and then started to relax and count in-tune with my breathing. Everything was going fine, and I don’t remember when but I just started to feel a mix of heaviness and tingling, what I hear SP feels like. But almost right after I start, my heart takes off and beats so fast that I am forced to wake up. What I don’t get is that my mind and breathing remained completly calm during my rapid heart beats. Some people report their minds becoming anxious, but I was totally calm, and I actually was gently compelling my heart to become calm. How could I fix this problem?

I don’t think you can; it happens to me every time I try to WILD, along with random, and sometimes very intense, muscle twitches. From my knowledge this is normal, but I may not be right. Just try to stay calm and endure it if you can. That’s what I do.
What I find is better and easier is that you try to do your WILD’ing in the early mornings (like, say, 6:00 or 6:30 AM) if you manage to wake up that early. Usually that will help because your mind is still in “dream-mode” if you know what I mean.
If your hypnagogic imagery all of a sudden becomes very vivid, don’t get too excited or you’ll wake yourself back up again. If it becomes very vivid, then you’re on the right path. Just relax and you’ll be dreaming in no time.
Hope this helps ;D

Ah, I know what it’s like. The few times I managed to get close to success while WILDing, I was always foiled when my heartbeat would take off like crazy and my muscles would start up with their twitching. Despite my attempts to remain as calm as possible, it always seemed that no matter what I did, my heartbeat always sped up.

I’m not sure what, exactly, you can do about this besides trying to endure through it. Sorry I don’t really have any better advice to give you.

When I get close to a dream during WILD, my heartrate goes up- Even if I try and remain calm. I haven’t got a solution.

The only time WILD worked for me I went from waken state to dreaming in an instant. It was like “hmmh, I can see my room but I know I still have my eyes closed”, and BAM, I’m throwed right into the picture and into the dream.

I read somewhere that your heart really isnt speeding up, it’s just a hallucination that you experience as you enter SP. It’s happened to me too before.

Yeah, that’s probably the hardest part to get over. I can’t confirm that you’re heart isn’t beating faster and it’s just a hallucination, but from what I hear that is the case. That is exactly where I used to get stuck, all I can tell you is that, it takes practice. The more and more you do it, (and believe me, the first two times involve a lot of luck) once those lucky times past, you get more and more used to these feelings… just keeping hacking at it, eventually you’ll just know how to ignore it the more and more u do it.

I tried doing WILD a few times, but I haven’t been able to get into a dream yet. Usually when I first enter SP I hear sort of a wooshing sound and my heart starts beating really fast. I start hearing noises and sort of muffled voices soon after that. The first couple times I tried WILD this made me panic and I opened my eyes. Recently, I’ve been able to just ignore it and my heart will slow down soon after.

A couple days ago I fell asleep conciously when I wasn’t even trying. I was in my bed and I randomly noticed that I was in SP. I just decided to try entering a dream while I was already there. I was so close that time, but my heart starting beating really fast while I was watching the dream appear infront of me and it made me lose concentration. It’s really weird though because every time I try WILD and fail I end up having a lucid dream after I give up and let myself fall asleep.

You will probably be able to get past this if you just keep practicing and try to keep your focus on having a WILD.

I asked a question just like this, I’ll search next time lol.

Anyways, does this mean that it’s ok if your heart beats fast? Like if you just keep focusing will youhave an LD? I know I can get past this but I tried too hard to stay focused when it happened because I thought I was getting too excited, and I “woke up”. Also, I have this thing by a company called I-Doser. It’s called Lucid Dream and it plays Theta waves to increase your ability to have more vivid dreams and dream recall (I think). What you do is play this 30 minute track without falling asleep (yes, it’s hard to stay up and listen to it but I’ve heard A LOT of success stories about it) and then go straight to sleep. I personally don’t use it much because I’m a WILD’er but maybe it can help someone else.

Hey :smile: So when i try WILD’ing i close my eyes and count each breath as i get more and more relaxed and tell myself that i’m dreaming each time i reach 10 (20, 30, 40, etc…) But then after some time when my heart starts beating faster and i slowly feel lighter and lighter, i usually become unsure wether im going into some state or just fooling myself into believing that something is happening when it’s not…! :confused:
So that’s my problem… how can i be sure that i’m succeeding with WILD (or atleast the start of it) and that i’m feeling the right way?
Fx, last night i went to bed, closed my eyes, and counted etc… ended up counting until 140 and feeling a bit numb and seeing some light for a few seconds, but then woke up in the morning and had apparently fallen asleep without being aware of it. So how can i do this the right way, and how am i exactly supposed to feel all the way through? like, what kind of stuff can i look out for, that shows me im on the right way…? :bored:

I also always go to bed aroun 2-4 am, because im on a holiday now… and i do this when i go to sleep… not after waking up in the morning and goin to bed again… :neutral: I can try that, but does it also work if i go to bed as normal, and do wild before sleeping?

Hehe, just alot of questions and curiosity :shy: