Wild question

Is it true that if i do a wbtb and then perform a wild that ill skip the sleep paralysis stage and go straight into a dream?

No. You skip deep sleep. Some people don’t experience sleep paralysis when doing WBTB with WILD. I personally do get SP.

ok cool. i had my first lucid this way, it only lasted a few minutes though. i woke up at 5:30 and i had school at 6 so i had no intention of ld’ing. but a few minutes later i was doing a nose reality check and it worked. i did it about 4 times its so cool when it actually works. but then i remembered that i didnt feel any sp at all and i just went straight to the dream so i was just wondering if id skip sp like that every time.

thanks for the reply.

Congrats on the LD! And yes, LD’s tend to come when you don’t expect them. But suceeded WILDs can be awesome.

You can’t truly skip SP. You can just skip feeling it, because everyone has SP.

Personally, SP is an on and off thing. Additionally, just because you’ve skipped it the first few times does not mean that you’ll skip it all the time - I used to not have SP, and then I had a surge where every WILD was SP. shrug