WILD question

So I haven’t done any lucid dreaming in a few months at least, earlier this week I decided to get back into it. I never had any luck with the WILD strategy but after reading some posts about it I tried last night.

I think I got really close, had this weird feeling like I was just about to enter a dream, but I think I started thinking too much about it because then the HI dissapeared for the most part.
Also throughout the process I was very aware of needing to swallow and controlling my breathing, which I think those two things distracted me from the HI.

Does anyone have any tips?

Don’t even attempt WILD if you haven’t just awoken from a dream - It’s pretty much useless. WILD is going straight from the awake state to dreaming, but it won’t work if you got an hour of deep sleep between.

People claiming to have succeeded with WILD when first going to bed are most likely to have simply fallen asleep and then in REM remembered that he or she is dreaming- And this will feel like seconds since being awake, so they really think they did it. People who have really performed WILD after waking up knows that you really do go straight from being awake to dreaming, and there is no moment of amnesia or floating mindlessly in a bowl of nothing.

I suggest doing MILD when first going to bed, and then WILD when waking up at night or in the morning :smile:

Wrong, it IS possible…I’ve done both and have had MORE success going in straight to bed. But to each his own…

This is the same problem I face as well, it could be the one of a few things keeping me from successfully having a WILD.

Traditionally I attempt one after about 5-6 hours of sleep or so, then I completely stay as still as I can, now this is where my problems begin, I usually don’t know if I should focus semi intently on the blackness behind my eyelids or let them roll up and sort of out of my focus, now the swallowing problem keeps me awake as well, sometimes it sort of works if I breath through my mouth or press my tongue against the roof of my mouth, and it is only brief at that. Also, I have the unrelenting nagging of my eyes peaking open on their open, itches and the sort.

WILD is proving to be a more elusive technique then I had anticipated, but I am going to keep at it as having them randomly is nice, but I’d love to experience the full on lucidity and have it be in a way, at will.

i can LD at will

: )

u were close ma friend instead of focusing on the Image u got u should of tried to interact with it, touching it , feeling it , talkin to it , wonder why is that rock on that side of the screen and not on the other side

ask questions about the image and try to get closer as if your investigating
95% chance ull get drawn in the picture and ull be inside that world .,

then try doing something u normally couldnt do , and if it works BAMM UR IN A LD

when your at the image point, dont focus on your breath as for ur switchin focus
therefore image will disapear ,

a good way of focusing on the image is interacting with it and asking questions about objects ,

try it and watch ull get suckd in , works for me everytime LOL