WILD-Sinking and Rushing?

:happy: Hey guys. I’ve been experimenting with WILD recently and have a few questions.

  1. Alright, first one. I find laying on my back really helps. I relax as best as i can and start counting with mantras in between numbers. At a point, i get slightly more relaxed and I start to see colors. Like a switch turned on and the colors start. They’re not very bright but i can see them floating around in patterns. I’m assuming this is HI right? Am i supposed to focus on them or just let them flow.
    2.Sometimes when relaxing, i get a slight sinking feeling and a very loud “rushing sound” in my ears. But with no other HI present. What do i do from here? Do i relax and wait, or do i visualize a scene?
  2. When the above “rushing” sound occurs, it usually happens then stops. Did i do something wrong? Should i focus on it because i find i can get the sound to occur whenever i need it.
    4.One more. With all the above…i’ve never experienced SP. Or maybe i have and i just don’t know it because i try not to move at all. Does there have to be SP involved?

I know that was a lot to read but I’m hoping someone will know an answer or two. Thanks for your time guys :happy:

I got to this point last night. Actually, i get to this point every time i try:
I get relaxed.I close my eyes and try to forget about my physical body. I then imagine driving a car, using all of my senses. Parts of my body start to fall asleep, i even feel my tongue tingle. While driving the car, the rushing sound gets extremely loud and i start to see a yellowish-tan color form in the middle of my view. A faint object is outlined within. My heartbeat SOARS and it fades away.

You are getting too excited.

You are doing very well :smile:

Forget about how your physical body feels and concentrate as deeply as you can on driving the car.

Try doing some relaxation exercises before attempting the transition.
Like some deep breathing or whatever works for you…

Hope this helps :smile:

I’ll look into some relaxation methods and transition info. Thank you very much :smile:

you’re very welcome

another thing to keep in mind is to try and let go of your beliefs / fears / expectations and whatever else you may posses.

Just do it to do it ,
results will come as you progress.

hey, good to hear you’re close!

There is always SP, of course, but you don’t necessarily feel it. WILD can be different for every person and the WILD itself can be different from one night to another…

And the heartbeat thing is a matter of getting used to it and forgetting about the body. Same if you feel you can’t breathe. It can be tricky, but just try to forget about it and TRUST everything is going to be fine and it will. :smile:

Good luck and don’t give up!

Okay, i have a new question. This may sound absurdly dumb but stick with me. When WILDING, SP occurs. I tend to try very hard not to open my eyes so I don’t see anything freaky in my room(i know it’s not real…but it’s still scary :tongue: ) At some point, do i have to open my eyes to go into the dream or does the dream form automatically? Sometimes, after a whole bunch of sounds/sensations, these sensations just stop. I wander if maybe i have entered the dream and i just have to “open my eyes”. My dream eyes that is. What do you think?

sounds to me like you have already experienced the beginning stage of sp. the sinking feeling and sound in ears is something that usually happens when you start to transition into sp. you dont really need to open your eyes to get into a dream. I usually just try to let the experience go on its own and i find myself entering a dream automatically with my conciousness intact. In my experience if i try to enter a dream forcefully on my own it breaks me out of sp.

If you’ve entered SP and then it stops all of a sudden it means you were forcing it too much, such as thinking about what you should do next, or wondering whats going on, or why something aint happening or getting too excited. You need to just go with the flow.

no, you do not have to open your eyes.

Your ‘dream eyes’ are open by default.

If anything, you should try to see.
but I suspect this is not the case.

you raised the answer in the form of your question.

Trying very hard to do anything is counter productive.

Don’t worry about SP , about your eyes, about the room, about anything at all.

Going into a dream is a result of focusing your attention away from the physical.

You need to enter a state where you are not aware of neither your eyes , your body or the room you are in.
I suspect you are using your left brain way too much in the process, thinking and analyzing the experience. Again, this is counter productive.
Focus on where you want to go , not on where you are.

Think of it this way:
You are now in virtual reality #1, which you call waking life.
You want to go to virtual reality #2, which you call dreaming.
You lie in bed trying to enter reality #2, but you are constantly analyzing and thinking about reality #1. This is not the way.
Do not analyze or deal with the sensations that occur on the way.
Continue to focus/tunnel your attention towards where you want to go ,
you can use a little of your time and energy to explore the sensations you experience, but do not get too absorbed with it. Overall, keep focusing on where you want to go, and concentrate on it as hard as you can.
And Relax
Doing it in other conditions is difficult.
Fears are also a very common and effective barrier.
Generally, that is the technique, to overcome the relaxation, mind discipline and fear barriers, you need to practice and find your own ways to do it.
Practice makes perfect.

Hey guys, thank you for your input :happy: .
For those of you that WILD, what is something good thing to visualize when attempting to WILD. For some reason, when i lie on my back, i mostly visualize in 3rd person. I can overcome this, but does it matter?

This part on concentrating on where you want to go and not where you are i think will help me alot, when i use affirmations i feel/know im sittin in the room just repeating concentrating on repeating the same sentence… lol

Thanks Relv! Ill try it tonight! :smile:

Hey guys. I’ve been attempting WILD for about 3 months now. I seem to be stuck on the same part for 2 months. I get the sinking rushing sensations…then nothing. I’ve been experimenting with lots of teqniques and i’m confused now. I KNOW i will master WILD. Without a doubt I will. But i’m stuck right now. There’s so many little things with WILD that confuse me.

  1. Counting method i’ve tried. I would breathe,1, exhale, i’m dreaming. This would get me pretty relaxed if i can focus on the counting.Sometimes my mind wanders. Can i use this as a stand alone method, or is there a point where i stop and visualize or something? Or do i keep counting breaths until i enter a dream?
  2. Visualization. Is this a stand alone method or is it used in combo with another method? When do i visualize?
  3. Changing attention constantly. I would switch my focus pretty rapidly from images,sensations, sounds,etc…just to keep my mind aware. Is this a stand alone method?
  4. I’ve also tried just relaxing and watching what happens. I fall asleep too frequently and don’t do this anymore.
  5. Sometimes the rushing sound slowly fades, other times it explodes and there is no sound. Have i entered SP? Do i continue using a teq?
    Thank you guys for your input :happy:

1.Yes, it’s hard to be focused.It’s no suprise your mind wanders.You have to count until images start to form.

2.Oh, after thinking a lot, I get what you mean.You don’t really have to visualize, but it’s helps.If you want to do it, then visualize that you are in a dream, think of what would you do in it and that stuff.

3.LOL.You’re doing the opposite of what you should be doing.If the images start to form, concentrate on them and pay attention to them(But not too much, you should be relaxed).

4.It’s possible too.

5.Yep, it happens if you lose focus, focus too much or just for no reason.It happens so there’s no reason for you to give up.

I hope i helped

I’ve decided to examine the rushing, booming sound. This isn’t just a sound. It sounds/feels like it is directly in my ears. When the climax happens, it feels like there is something clogging my ears. But i can still hear my fishtank in my room. I wake up and poke my ear. I hear a slurp of liquid. More on my left ear, the one i was laying on. What can this be?

The sounds are a good sign, you are beginning to enter your subconcious, like static in between stations, you are in switching “stations” in between the awareness of your body, and your self awareness. The closer you get to this, the closer you are to a LD.

I have a problem with the WILD method.
I usually have lots of LD’s without using any specific method. I fall asleep and then is like I wake up in the dreamworld being lucid. But I want to also try th WILD method because I want to have the environment I want from the beggining and also, in the last time, there are nights when I do not dream anything, just the “black” screen (and no, it’s not because I don’t remember them because when I actually dream something I can remember it perfectly and very detailed). I also want to meet somebody else through the dreamworld because in the normal normal dream, when I become lucid, it’s like I would be on a computer logged in with an user with limited access. I can’t get too far on doing specific things, it’s like something is trying to keep me away.

So, back to WILD. I tried it a few times but it won’t let me get into the dreamworld, but rather get an OOBE which is not exactly what I want.
I relax, I feel my body getting away from me but not totally, I even get to that part when I start feeling it really heavy. After that I get that zoom in (or a very high speed that throws me ut, I don’t know exactly how to describe it) effect and I slip away from my body. This is not actually the dreamworld I wanted to get in so I would like some advice on what I shall do to get it right.
The visualize thing doesn’t work quite well on me, I never see the “dots” very clear and when it starts getting clearer I am already out of my body. I also tried tried to visualize a specific place where I want to go but it didn’t work. Also, when I try to remake a specific scene, like falling from very high, my body would move without being actually conscious of it, like a reflex.
Also I have a little question about OOBE. When I’m about to get this experience I have a strong feeling of butterflies in my stomach, so strong that it even hurts. I’m afraid this could have repercursions in real life but I also know that this feeling could be a result of my own body trying to stop from getting out of it, so I’m quite uncertain if I should continue without getting any kind of desease.