WILD: sound technique - has anyone successfully used this?

Alright! Another dip into dreamland. Tonight i have come very close to a LD, but lost my awareness in the very last moment. I ended up having a ND, in which I was stuck in SP :smile: So I had a WIND (Wake-Induced-Normal-Dream) :confused: This tech sure works for me, second time I got very close in the last week.

Nice, how do you do this? I find during the day I can never just lie down and concentrate hard enough on the sound to amplify it. I usually only can right after waking up.

I think i hear it but mines is more of a high pitched ringing as opposed to the White noise like one mentioned earlier .
Anyway really excited to give this a try :smile:

Ahh I’m back! Hahaha. I’m having very vivid, strange dreams nowadays.
I keep on failing to LD since there’s so much going on in real life, my mind is just… aahhh.
But my dreams are longer though, there are new people I’ve never met, new places I’ve never seen. I think it’s thanks to trying to LD with the sound. I get so close everytime almost. :happy: I think I’ll have an LD next week. I just HAVE to! I know it!

Ok! I got a result this morning. I woke up, and I thought I would try it now since I was in a good condition. As I listened to the sound, it didn’t get louder like last time it just faded slowly away and I’m suddenly walking down this hallway. When I’ve walked a few feet I realise I’m actually dreaming and I say it out loud “I’m dreaming!!”, there are a lot of people there and everyone stops up, turns their heads towards me and this cleaning guy with a cart right next to me says “What?”, I think, oh shit something bad will happen if I don’t fix this, “Sorry, I was just kidding”. Everyone goes back to whatever they were doing and I concentrate and everything becomes more clearer, it was like being awake in real life. :woo:
As I explored the end of the hallway, I’m in this giant building with different cinemas inside it, I try to change my oufit but it doesn’t work. (I think it’s best to change your outfit in dreams while you’re looking in a mirror?) One of the cinemas were closed and dark, but I made it light up. :happy: And then I wake up because my brother was being noisy. - .- But this is GREAT! It felt amazing and real! I managed to do it again after my brother stopped and it was quite again; I had another long lucid dream. :cool:

I’m pretty sure that’s exactly what you’re supposed to be hearing (Mines a fairly constant, high pitched whistle/ring). The wooshing/hissing sound (like what you hear when you press a sea shell or a cup to your ear) is the sound of your blood, and not what you ought to focus on.

Oh and Jacob,

There are worse things you could be hearing such as the Taos Hum… :wink:

I’m pretty sure that’s exactly what you’re supposed to be hearing (Mines a fairly constant, high pitched whistle/ring). The wooshing/hissing sound (like what you hear when you press a sea shell or a cup to your ear) is the sound of your blood, and not what you ought to focus on.

Yeah thats what I hear , thanks for clearing that up!

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Enjoy it!!! :happy: Basically it IS waking life…another waking life.
WL under your direction!

Im natural at this. All i have to do is concentrate and it becomes louder…No “hard enough”, just listen do not force it…it will come itself. Just listen and be at ease.

:music: :music: :music: :music: :music: :music: :music: :music: :music: :music:
Now summary - how it sounds like:
Frequency sound, loud silence, humming sound, buzzing sound,
high pitch ringing, energy, …
Just something like that

Our brothers from Dreamviews know it too Click
Hints there especially from ChaybaChayba.

I was on a Holiday for quite some time and couldn’t really reply but that’s awesome. Will need to try this out tonight. :smile:

This topic is really interesting… but I’m not sure if I can actually hear that sound.

During the day I’m usually busy with other stuff so I don’t hear a thing, and now after reading this thread I was sure I could hear it (like many other times before), but now that I concentrated too much on it I’m not sure anymore if it’s not there or if I simply got too used to it by concentrating on it…

Stop fiddling with my mind, ld4all! :grin:

EDIT: When I can hear it, it sounds a lot like the first example on this clinics page. Apparently it can be very different from person to person, as the following examples sound kinda weird… :happy:

Will try this tonight though… :cheesy:

:aww: Well what can i say about that… There are two sounds
One - Tinnitus - its condition, from time to time(once twice thrice a month) i hear it too…hm…how identify it…when its in its first stage ( that condition), it comes RANDOMLY (my exp.). THATS NOT IT.

Two - Its natural and every, EVERY human can hear it. Not everyone is aware of it.
Its always there. I cannot define absolutely, but there are theories.
Maybe its brain altering you to dream frequencies.

I dont know if you hear the right one, only way to knowis…try…try.

Who knows maybe tinnitus and the “sound” are one.
I’ll give you inspiration. Click

Thanks! It’s a really interesting link. I’m now sure that I can hear the sound, but it only happens if it’s really quiet or if I focus on it a lot. Well, it doesn’t really matter if it’s a condition or not, after all it’s not disturbing me in any way.
But it definitely is there, and the WILD discussed in this thread gave me veeery weird HI last night.
I just remember suddenly seeing light flashes, and the rest was a lot more intense than the ‘normal’ WILD I try.

The only downside is that I forgot focussing on the sound and fell asleep. :grin:

I feel…you hear that right one. :happy:


you must not be tired.

Uhh, that’s a hard one. I usually only go to bed when I’m tired. >_<

Do you think that this technique requires you to be more awake? I haven’t tried it yet, but I noticed that ‘regular’ WILD (I’m WILDing by thinking of nonsensical syllables in order to keep myself awake) works better for me when I’m tired.

Gotta test this when I’ve got less busy days.

You can get this tinnitus from grinding your teeth (just thought it was intresting) :razz:

Just like WILD you must stay aware. AWARENESS. and concentrate on it.
This sound induces dream freq. so its not only anchor, its best of all WILD meth.
If tired - you can combine it with WBTB. :content:

Ya i know it. No, thats not it.

So I did a WBTB last night (more like just woke up hahaha) but anyway I got this buzzing noise in my ear (I’ve gotten it before) but this was extremely loud. Anyway I thought I would try this out and…

SPOILER - Click to view

Nothin haha I find it really hard to focus on it and try to amplify it. Just wondering how sucessful are people with this.?

Meh… :sad: You don’t have to amplify it - it will do itself. You just have just to focus.
like any WILD you must maintain focus…just two things:

  1. Hear that sound
  2. Listen, Concentrate on it - not hard just listen and focus.
    Its not too complicated. :content:

For me it’s hard to concentrate when imagery appears.

I cant help with this. :sad: Its basicall for wild to maintain focus…
you must listen that sound passively just listen…trust me that is the supreme way.