WILD: sound technique - has anyone successfully used this?

I have not been successful with this, however I’ve heard it works and I’ll try it tonight…

Join me in the plight for listening-induced LDs. I’m using it with WBTB, by the way.

tinnitus? i dont know that word… could you explain please… (ok li10 you dont have to pm me now :smile: )

I personally always use it. It’s the only way I successfully WILD.

chip9munk - Tinnitus is that ringing noise in your ear. If you don’t hear it, then your ears must be healthy or something. Tinnitus seems stronger if you listen to really loud things, but I don’t recommend it…

yeah, tinnitus can be really annoying. It’s ALWAYS there, even if you don’t realise.

Anyway I tried to wake up with autosuggestion, succeeded, but didn’t do anything because my hand was numb and floppy. After fixing it I went back to sleep without getting to try WILD. I know why I forgot - I was too preoccupied with my mangled-dodgy hand to look at my clock, which is the trigger for me to remember to do a WILD. DAMN!

So what do you do with this tedchnique?

Simply focus on this noise…or what?


listen to it, listen hard.

I never had a wild so i can’t say it’s been successful.
However i’ve gotten to the vibrations using this tech.
I picked it up from an OBE guide long ago.
The key was to listen while keeping the mind “blank”.
Kinda like listening for the thunder after you’ve seen a lightningbolt.
Listening on the ringing in your ears should work fine too i guess.
It’s basicly trying to maintain singleminded focus.

Interesting, thank you guys!

I may just try this tonight… :smile:

On my ever first WBTB+WILD attempt, I used that tinnitus technique. It got louder and really louder, then I heard repeated buzzing sounds, then it stopped, then it re-started. After that I was in a dream. Not a really vivid dream, but at least I was 100% lucid. Lasted 10 seconds. I guess it was excitement.

But that sound technique attempt has been my only successful WILD, ever. I’ve been trying to reproduce it since then. Always failed.

This is great technique, if you know - hear the ringing always when you concentrate.

I think I’ll give it a try tonight

Stupid topic…I wasn’t conscious of the annoying ringing sound in my ears till I read this topic. It’s like being told that the next time you swallow you’ll hear a popping sound. :bored:

BTW, I didn’t even know what tinnitus was nor did I know that not everyone else hears this sound in their ears. One moment you’re healthy, the next moment you suddenly have a ‘condition’, arghhh.

I dont think it’s disease. I have it since birth and its natural for me, i hear it only when i focus on it (in silence rather). Its like breathing - its there only if you remember.

I’ve noticed that when I eat ice cream or too much Starbucks whipped cream my ears ring more. That’s the only way I eat dairy btw. That and cheese on the odd burger.


Dont do it this way. Better concentrate in silence and carefully listen… Your diet seems a bit…unhealthy. There are claims that say that food affects dreams…

Then how come sometimes randomly when its not necissarily quiet, you suddenly hear the ringing very loud? like completly out of the blue—

That does not happen to me and if it causes you pain or bothers you lot, then its not natural and you should go to doctor.

I dont think that what i have is disease or “tinnitus”. I have it since birth.
I can hear it even in daily life, in my case all i have to do is a little concentration. As i said for me its like breathing - i notice it only when i get aware of it.

And the author of technique has explanations that claims that its brain signals altering consciousness to dream or something like that.

Same, and you just made it worse! :cry:

My technique here: [spoiler]This method is for people, who can hear the “tinnitus”. The idea is pretty much the same as the other WILD methods, which is to remain conscious while entering the dream state. In order to use this method, you must sleep in a perfectly quiet place. You need to hear the inner buzzing sound inside your ears. Lay your body down and relax as much as possible while trying to hear the sound. If you are too tired, you will fall asleep too fast and it will be difficult to remain conscious - it this case you should combine it with WBTB. By time you realize that the buzzing sound will increase in intensity. This might frighten newcomers, but be assured - nothing bad is going to happen. No, you will not be deaf when you wake up, it’s perfectly safe! It is just an effect caused by your brain is trying to change mode, from listening to the ambient sound, to listening to the sound of dreamland, which is not real sound but just electrical charge inputed to the part of the brain to create a sensation of hearing. By that time, you will enter the hypnagogic state. All you need to do is concentrate, do not be afraid or think of anything, just be still, and in time your dream body will float, separating from your physical body, and there you go, you arrive in the dreamworld.[/spoiler]