WILD: sound technique - has anyone successfully used this?

You can get this tinnitus from grinding your teeth (just thought it was intresting) :razz:

Just like WILD you must stay aware. AWARENESS. and concentrate on it.
This sound induces dream freq. so its not only anchor, its best of all WILD meth.
If tired - you can combine it with WBTB. :content:

Ya i know it. No, thats not it.

So I did a WBTB last night (more like just woke up hahaha) but anyway I got this buzzing noise in my ear (I’ve gotten it before) but this was extremely loud. Anyway I thought I would try this out and…

SPOILER - Click to view

Nothin haha I find it really hard to focus on it and try to amplify it. Just wondering how sucessful are people with this.?

Meh… :sad: You don’t have to amplify it - it will do itself. You just have just to focus.
like any WILD you must maintain focus…just two things:

  1. Hear that sound
  2. Listen, Concentrate on it - not hard just listen and focus.
    Its not too complicated. :content:

For me it’s hard to concentrate when imagery appears.

I cant help with this. :sad: Its basicall for wild to maintain focus…
you must listen that sound passively just listen…trust me that is the supreme way.

Another post from Dreamviews

Yep and i have new tip for those who have problem to concentrate and not fall asleep.
Try to do the whole technique with open eyes.

How would keeping your eyes open help, other than preventing you from falling asleep? You still have to sleep to dream, WILD is about staying aware as you fall asleep and transition into the dream.

Yes, yes i know… i just mean at the beginning, for better concentration.

Hmmm… I suppose that might work for some dreamers. It’s something people should experiment with to see how it goes for them.

/me is going to try this.

Interesting article on ear sounds :ding:

Where’s the article? If it’s interesting I’d love to read it :smile:

Click on the emoticon. :wink:

I knew that… I was just testing all of you >.>

I know Rhewin :wink:

I hope this topic will not be moved to Beyond dreaming because of OBE. :uh:

No, the topic itself is about the WILD technique.
SP isn’t in the Beyond Dreaming forum but it can be used to AP.

Anyways, back on topic. If anyone has trouble focusing on the ringing sound, try meditating before trying it. :smile:

Yes thats good ideal. When mind is cleaned, and the brain calmed, focusing is easy.

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I wouldn’t say the topic is dieing, it’s just a little quiet at the moment :content:

I’ve actually been having some good luck with it lately. It seems focusing on the tinnitus is helping me fall asleep a bit quicker.

I have tinnitus every once in a while. And I did try it once. It didn’t work for me.