WILD Utopia

Sounds great. No WBTB? maybe it’ll work bette cause I often get so sleepy by waking up in the middle of the night :tongue:

Haha this sounds really good. Whats your success rate?

The only time I have tried this was the night i put it together, which was this wednesday (i didnt try it yesterday, i was occupied with somthing else, and i admit it… i forgot :shy: ) It worked on my first try! so 1/1 for me, still to early to see how easy it is, one thing is for sure its a lot easier that the other WILD techniques i have tried. I cant wait to do it again!

Wow, this seems nice, been trying WILD a little but no success so far… I’ll try this!
But one thing, isn’t this the same as HI-WILD? I don’t know very much about it, but it doesn’t seem very different. In any case, kickass guide!

Thanks. I’ll try this tonight… will see if this works, I hope so :smile:

yeah i see were your coming from Wilde but no its not the same, becuase your manually influencing the images and scenes to appear, and geting your brain more into the state were you can go directly from concousness to lucidity, tecnically they do become HI after a while of your influence but, its just the way you go about it that makes this tech different.

Thanks for all the postive feed back guys! :smile: I hope this helps you all!

I updated the guide!

I’ve been trying most of this stuff mentioned already but not the imagery. I’ll try it tonight and all going well I will post back here when I wake up and tell the results :grin:

This sounds good. I’ll try it tonight and tell you if it worked or not tomorrow.

OMGGG this sounds easy and i hope it works 4 me gonna give it a try tonight!!! :grin: :grin: :grin:

Hm. This is actually what I’ve been doing to help myself get asleep faster. I’ve had many near-WILDs just going directly to sleep on the first try. I have to say that this sounds very effective, and I would definitely like to try it out sometime in a WBTB phase. (Except my custom WILD variation works extraordinarily well if I put enough intent behind it…)

I will give it a try right now. It is now about 5h30, so I already slept 6 hours. I am already relaxed and tired, and do not have to work or wake up early tomorrow (or this morning…), so this whole process of u-wild should be fun and might actually work :smile:.

I’ll let you know how it went! …even if my “visualization” skill is not that good. I usually see darkness, but sometimes, “blurry” scenes, and very rarely, clear vivid images… oh well, let see how it goes! good night :smile:

unfortunately, it did not work. But, I did fly, at first in an helicopter, which eventually turned into a plane and then, my self flying only, in a normal dream though. What is funny is that while falling asleep at 5h30, I tried to visualize myself flying above
my new place in Rawdon. The landscape in so amazing.

I will give it another try tonight!

Yo, i got good news it worked again! 2/2! I got to work on maintaning lucidity… that shall be my next venture! I hope you all have success!

Didnt work onorm? Hmm focus on the HI in your mind, get it going than watch it, if you do it right you will reach SP, you probably just fell asleep. wish you luck!

Oh yeah it may be harder to focus if your sleepier, its easier to get to sleep, but at the cost of your awarness, and focus.

Whew… Helped me in some way… misunderstood one part, had some complecations, never reached SP, sure you have to be in SP? cause my girlfriend bothered me again and I lost the really strong visualisation, almost real, and my body felt wierd like it was numb and was getting back to normal… maybe I was in SP but missed the point or was asleep already, had some fun though for 2 hours, was ready to kill my girlfriend!!! Mild works better for me, but ultimate goal is to go to LD anytime you want. Had several points where I was almost there (i think so) and RC’s woke me, was to early probably… will try again.

Its ok if a HI of really good HI dissiapears as long as more images keep coming of different qualities, you should be ok, You guys dont need to visualize the whole time, you just need to get a series of images and scenes going in your head playing by themselves, then you just pay attention to them, and focus on them so you loose awarness on the outside world you do all of that stuff UNTIL you reach SP, then you enter the dream. maybe i should revise the guide a little…

Okay, so I tried this last night. I imagined myself climbing up a light pole (I don’t know why, but that’s what my SC said I should do, so there) and eventually started feeling my hands grabbing the pole. I started seeing the pole and the sky… I ended up in the dream, but had FA right after.

I gotta say that I like this method a lot.

I guess this tech works ok. thats good. :content: Man i hate false awakenings! lol, my longest lucid dream had 6 false awakenings! I managed to get past all of them, but i lost control after 20 minutes…

I didn’t do this last night didn’t feel like it. I will try and remember to do it tonight.

well, as soon as I got back into bed last night, I thought about my way back home from work, ealier yesterday. For the last 15 minutes, at about 16h45, the landscape was just amazing, and I could somehow “picture” it or visualize it. At the same time, I kept repeating in my head “This is a dream!”, to keep me active. I was still sleepy.

I guess the problem is I lost “focus” and did not stay aware of my body. I like to concentrate on my breathing, but last night, I needed sleep time… But, tonight, I will be “restful”, so, I will give another try to your technique. Which is, if I got it right to:

  • think of past event or things to come
  • look passively at it, not to but full concentration or attention, but just enough to be aware you are still in bed.
  • wait until SP arrives and have fun…

Is that it?