WILDing n' stuff

I have a problem when i try to WILD. I always fall asleep :neutral:
Even when i try to count etc. i just fall asleep.any hints? :help:

thanks :wink:

Well falling asleep is an important part of WILD, so you’re half way there :tongue:
If counting isn’t working for you, I suggest focousing on something else, perhaps your breathing, your heartbeat, or hypnagogoic imagery.
If you still find your having trouble with WILD, you could try MILD, which works well if you fall asleep fast but doesn’t require you to maintain consciousness as you fall asleep.

When I’m using WILD I try to focus on just one particular “key”, basically one particular thought (hynogogic imagery, counting etc.) and try to keep myself awake and conscious as my body falls asleep.

After all that is the goal of WILD, to let your body fall asleep while your mind stay awake and focused.

Basically what I’m trying to say is that you need to keep your focus on retaining mental clarity and knowledge that your in a dream.

I have just read that we cannot maintain consciousness during stage four of sleep. I haven’t been able to WILD from first going to bed at night, but I have read that others have sometimes. So how did they do it if we lose consciousness between stage 3 and 4? :confused: :cry: :help: :neutral:

In certain cases (like lack of/getting too much sleep), you skip deep sleep and enter REM phase. I’m curios if any WILDer can actually retain conciousness during deep sleep.

Shake: for example, I try WILDing on my back. This is an unusual position for me, as I have always slept on sides or belly. It also helps feel SP. Maybe you start counting too early, when you’re not drowsy enough and get bored of it when it’s time to. I don’t start counting as soon as I get in bed.

If you are having problems going to sleep during WILD I suggest that you try WBTB+WILD.
Set your alarm clock to wake you up Halfway though the night, Go to sleep, Then when your alarm clock goes off go pee or somthing simple to wake up your mind but keep your body relaxed. Then at last try to WILD now.
With the sleep you got you should go into a lighter sleep so you can keep focus alot more easy.

Tell me if it helps any :smile:

You may not care but whenever I do WBTB with WILD and get up and piss or wash my face or whatever I can never go back to sleep. .

It works for some and not for others :smile:

sorry for not replying a couple of days.

anyhow,here’s an update: yesterday I relaxed my body and focused on counting,but really focused.After a while i started seeing green and white lines,dots,circles etc. and i heard a high pitched noise in my ears.a buzz of some sort…but then i got excited and it all went away :neutral:

Thanks for the help so far guys :smile:

^^ Nice work, sounds like a big step forward. The first time I became lucid was WBTB WILD and when it happenes, you just know that you are entering a dream. So just push yourself to your limit every night and the limit will increase then one night you will reach the point where you are concious and you enter your dream :smile:

Confidence is key, Good LucK! :ok:

update number 2: I think i did it last night.I went to bed and did the usual things ( relaxed,counting etc. ) and after a while i saw these images in my head.It was like i was daydreaming or something.I think at that point i was dreaming because my body was shaking and twitching a couple of times by itself and i felt awake during the whole time.
To make the story short: I think i was dreaming,but i failed to realise it :smile:

so you’re supposed to concentrate that hard on it? do you just count? or do you imagine yourself running up some stairs, counting the floors in a 100+ etg high building or something`?

/me use to concentrate on sound, but it’s harder to do…

I think I for some reason am better at astral projection than lucid dreaming because I have been trying to LD for a year and a half and still only have one on occasion. But the main reason I think this is that everynight I can start doing WILD without WBTB and I eventually can start seeing through my eyes with my astral body (I suppose because I make SURE my eyes are closed so I know they’re not just barely opening) and if I wait for just a tad bit longer my body will start vibrating awfully and then I can start to project. :smile: I haven’t done it successfully yet but I HAVE gotten most of my astral body out of my body I just get scared and get sucked back but I believe that with practice I could do this everynight. I just think I was born to be an APer instead of an LDer. :smile: I do keep a DJ though so that way when LDs naturally come because I’ll remember them. But I am just as satisfied to AP and remember my dreams in very great detail than to LD everynight. So yeah. . . :peek:

well,basicaly you just have to focus your mind on SOMETHING,anything.the point is your mind has to stay awake but your body must fall asleep :smile: