Working out?

A thought came to my head…
I’ve read that you can do certain things in dreams and they can help in RL (enhance a skill or just clear your mind or something).
But I’m wondering… if you work out in a dream… does it in any way help in RL?
I don’t think it would… it doesn’t sound like its something that would be affected because its an actual physical condition, while the others are things that are just in your head, mental conditions, like memorizing things…

But has anyone actually tried and know? Can working out/exercising in dreams affect you in any way in RL?

I’m not sure if working out in a dream will benefit you in RL. But I was thinking that one can probably learn a martial art while in a LD and then just practice in RL what you learned in the dream… :confused:

There are studies that show people who imagine they are exercising in explicit detail and with great focus, from memory…and they receive the same physiological benefits as those who actually exercised. So it may be possible, but that kind of imagination is also work.

Yes, i read that too.
You will burn fat, but only a really small amount.

And just that would make your temperature rise an absurd amount, being under cover.
Really, the muscles are paralized thorughout dreams, so there’s no real muscle exercise at any point you do it in dreams.
However, LD’s are known for their learning properties, which means you can learn a particular movement and be fine with it when you wake up, not to mention there is an effective increase in strenght when you do that, as showed in this topic.