Would gullibility in RL affect you ability to LD?

in real life i am relatively gullible. do you think that this would play a role in me not being able to realize i am dreaming?


Well, if you’re gullible then you have even more reason to doubt the world around you because it’s probably just someone playing a trick on you. In fact, you should check out this topic (click here) on the matter.

In all seriousness, I don’t think it would really make a difference either way. The trick is to make a habbit out of doubt. You simply have to ask yourself from time to time if you’re awake or dreaming. You may fall for the dream easier (though I don’t think you would), but an RC with that thought behind it will have the same result.

Honestly, I’d even go as far as saying if you’re so gullible, then you more likely believe that you really can become lucid - maybe you should try seeing it that way!^^

Don’t question yourself - becoming lucid can be done by anyone, and the only one to influence the result is…YOU!

So instead of worring if you’d take your dream for granted and won’t achieve lucidity, believe in yourself! That’s the most important thing!

god damnit…rick rolled :razz: anyways thanks for the comments :smile:

In the name of honesty. Gullibility means, that you do not question what is presented to you. If you can be lead to believe something incredible in real life, then it should be easier to lead you to believe it when you are dreaming. This condition must be the result of some quality of mind, and finding out what that is, could help in your personal strategy for lucid dreaming. If it is that you simply trust what people tell you, then trying to encourage a character to tell you that you are dreaming, by dream incubation, may be a good approach. At any rate, you ought to remind yourself not be gullible, and to make up your own mind.


I’m sorry, I couldn’t help myself. I just saw gullible + internet :ebil:

haha thats understandable. it made me laugh :razz:

Hey, did you know that the word gullible is not even in the dictionary? :tongue:

Well, if you are gullible then you should check out some hypnosis to induce lucid dreaming. It will probably work for you.
I actually wrote something recently that I read while pretending to be gullible and it worked!
It you are curious you can check it out right here.

editing this because:
Wow, where is my Lucid awareness? R-D-C, I just found out that, Hello, you already read it. :ack:
Hmmm, It’s time for me to do some reality checks, as I can get confused in dreams :neutral:

a was a bit scared to click on your link in case i was to get rick rolled again. haha. ya i read that post you made. it was very interesting. you say that it worked for you?

Oh yeah, that would have been too funny, to get rick rolled again! lol
So yes, that little thing I wrote and reread over a few times while merely pretending to be naturally gullible and doing many reality checks on cue…worked!
I wrote the dream in my DJ. I became lucid only at the last second of the dream, and not by reality checks, just by simply realizing it. What was cool is that the dream had much to do with my 2 quest goals.

So if you think you are gullible, tend to believe things too quick, then how about it? Just write your own truth and you will believe in it. Autosuggestion can be amazing, especial when you allow your imagination to run along with it.

A good tip to all you gullible people out there. Before clicking on any links, and i made a habit of this already, you hover your mouse over the link and on the bottom left hand corner it shows the site it navigates you to 8)

Now about your gullibility issue. Shouldnt be a problem. In a dream you think differently anyway, so your gullibility probably wont even transfer to your dream.

thats good. thanks for the tip :spinning:

I’m not very gullible in waking life, but when it comes to dreams…

I could be told that Justin Beiber’s music is good in a dream, and actually believe it.

hahaha mew :razz:

Good point.

I see that, yes, I do think very differently in dreams. Don’t we all? We must all be super extra gullible in dreams than in RL. We believe everything is real in the dream so we don’t question it and don’t become lucid. But now wait…I think I’m doing that now! Maybe this whole time I have actually been so gullible to think that I am not gullible!!! :confused: Maybe this IS another reason why I too, am having difficulty become lucid.

“All I know, is that I know nothing!” :cry: