Wow, a cool Pre-Lucid Dream.

I was so freakin close to realizing I was dreaming! I mean how could someone not? Only someone as oblivious as I am. Think of it as the adjustment bureau. I wanted to go to New York so I walked through a few doors and VOOSH there I was in NY. I was enjoying myself, I had a FA and then was talking about the dream…grrr. I’m not doing enough RC 's Darn. I haven’t really had time to put much thought into LDing with my job and stuff, I don’t get a day off to really relax anymore. :meh:

Anyway, wish me luck! I’m not sure this was the appropriate place for the topic but it seemed like it.

It’s not the RCs. It’s the awareness that spurs you to do them. Sometimes I’ll tell myself I need to remember to RC at something next time it happens in a dream. Happened twice in three days now. It was rather small stuff too. Friday, it was my room light not working properly. (Tends to happen.) Today, it was my hand moving slowly when I was slapping a DC. (Also tends to happen a lot.)

The RCs are an extension of the awareness and the memory. Sure, RCs are a great help. I probably wouldn’t have gotten lucid without them these last two times. But don’t forget that awareness and memory in general, even without RCs, is important too. You have to be aware enough to get weird things to spark that logic center. :wink:

Edit: I’m not saying not to do them. I’m just saying that you have to pay attention to the idea behind them too. :content: