Wow, WILD is pretty intense!/BrainWaves

Ive never done the WILD technique before, mainly beacause it generally takes me a long time to get to sleep.

But recently i found a piece of software called brain wave generator which claimed to use sound to influence your brainwaves. Read more about it here

I dont know if it was the “brain waves” that got me into the state I will be talking about in a sec, but it definitely help isolate me from, the outside world, it was like the sound and my eye lids were walls.

So I exported the audio of the “Deep Meditation” brainwave sound and put it on my mp3 player on repeat, got into a comfy position in my bed and closed my eyes.

After a little while I felt as if I was struggling to keep my eye lids closed. My eyes started vibrating really fast, I dont know whether they actually were but I heard my headphones creak a bit which tells me that my face was moving.

My heart started thumping and the rest of my body twiched alot. I diddnt see any images bur it did seem like an inky blackness was spreading infront of my eyes.

Was I asleep? I diddnt know, so I told myself, “Open your dream eyes”

Unfortunately I opened my real eyes. My heart was still thumping and I was a ctualy shaking from the experience. How much of it was real? How close was I to sleep?

After I regained my composure I tryed again. The same thing happened as before but my heart diddnt go quite as mad this time. One interesting thing I felt was that my hand, which was flat on my chest felt like it had turned round so my palm was facing the roof. A little later it felt as if I had three hands, my two normal hands and another phantom hand, which I felt was above my head. The phantom hand mimicked the movments of my real right hand.

It still diddnt see any images but I decided to see if I could help myself into the dream by imagining a conversation with a DC.

For quite some time it felt as if my left eye was open. I decided to try open both of them in a dream, unfortunately with the same result as last time.

Im gonna try the “Sleep Induction” brainwave sound tonight, hopefully that will help me sleep fast.

So what do you think about all this, or does anyone have any hints? The fact I diddnt see any images or hear any sounds suggests to me I wasent fully asleep, any thoughs?

I tried getting that BWGen and I was trying to get more sound files and it was talking about how I only had a trial version, and I needed to pay, so I ditched that.

From what I understand, most people see HI before they go into a state where you can have a LD.

Most people don’t even know what HI really is :wink: One guy said “I never see HI but I usually watch the funny patterns on the inside of my eyelids to fall asleep quickly”.
And about BWGen; There are ways :razz:

Well saved 2 files with it so far anyway. :tongue:

Well im off to bed to try again. Wish me luck. :wink:

I’m playing around with BWgen a lot, but it never gave me lucid dreams or OBE’s.
Although it nearly put me into sleep paralysis a couple of times.
Ifeel really great after using it though, it makes my body feel like I’ve been reborn, a very fresh feeling. I mostly use the “Deep Mind VI” preset

i have it and its pretty cool. i havn’t become lucid using it yet though. is there a specific 1 to make u become lucid easier?

Just make sure you turn off all sound effects on your PC like “3d effect” or “Crystal Clear” - Cause BWGen doesn’t work AT ALL if you have like sound effect plugins running.

Well i tryed 3 times last night. The first time I got the eye shakes again then woke up. The next 2 times didnt work at all.

I dont think i was tired enough, next time I wake up during the night I’m gonna do a WBTB followed by WILD while listening to the “Lucid Dream” setting on brainwave generator.

has anyone tried the Brainwaves Mind Voyages Lucid Dreaming one?
i downloaded one through torrents.
i started listening to it last night but i could hear a weird second voice in the background which scared me and made me nervous so i turned it off.

i will try it , i have a g´registered version of BWgen at my comp , is this also available on the site as a preset ? because i would like to start new on BWgen :yes:

I tried another Lucid dreaming preset … it didn’t really give me results :meh:

that program is old and outdated. go into google and type in np2. click on the first link.

Its much better program, there is a lot of good stuff from that web site

Is there a brain wave track that can help you go lucid? yes in a way, but you have to be careful because you can wake your self up very easy using it. Also you should be aware that it can be more benifical to use the programs to program your self before sleep then go to sleep and have lucid dreams rather then trying to use the program to induce lucid dreams.

I write the brainwave tracks, they are not hard to master and have had some very interesting effects. if you need a hand pm me

A question , is neuroprogrammer free ? if yes , is it free or shareware ? for what purposes are you writing brainwave track s ?

you can have afree trail yes, last 30 days i think, thr professional version where you write your own tracks is 50$

i write my own tracks for my own personal use, and soon to sell cds with tracks on them. From relaxation, to enery to keeping me awake to putting me to sleep to crazy experiments. And trust me you can have some crazy feelings, I once used a track that after listening to it for 20 minute every thing sounded like you were talking through fan you know that sound?

I have always had an interest in the nero side of the body, that is where our conscious is from and where we exerpience everything.

I used to think i would write tracks to ld…but i learnt there is a much quicker and better way then putting on a set of headphones every nighht hoping it would work

are you talking about the np2 thing?