Writing or Typing dreams?!

What do you prefer, writing down or typing you dreams?
What’s better? :eh:

Considering I have a broadband connection, a no-good firewall, and a mind to keep my dreams to myself, I prefer to write.

I prefer typing. Works faster for me and I wouldn´t have the nerve to write it down all by hand. would take up too much time which I do not have these days.

I prefer typing. It’s much easier for me to keep a dream journal on my computer.
However, I’ve decided to keep a piece of paper and a pen next to my bed so I can write them down the moment I wake up because I have a high chance of forgetting pieces of the dream. :sad:

The second question was a difficult one to answer. Writing is good, if you are organised, and can live with writing dreams every day. It’s entertaining, and improves your writing skills, which means you’ll change your use of grammar, meaning you will think of more complex words to use. Why is this important? It will help your recall, as you will think harder about the event, and what words to describe the horror or the joy, etc. The disadvantage, is that it takes some time

On the computer, the process is quick, you can get comments on ld4all, and you might be motivated to keep a DJ, as you might have an online DJ on ld4all.

I type my dreams up, though i found out that writing your dreams is much more interesting, entertaining and useful, when i was on holiday. Sadly, i have no time to write them down.

I’ve been writing them down … although if you were to look in my DJ it would have very few entries scattered all over the last year over 3 different months… hehe.

It’s quite a pain writing them down as you wake up… I find i’m still exhausted and the last thing I want to have to do is mental/physical work at that time, but I know for me i’d forget my dream by the time my computer would load up/even if I moved to it… so no good for me atm to type it I have to write it out hehe no choice.

Speaking of type… if I get this ld guide it will have a DJ inside (with a useful feature that Alextanium told me about). You could use that if you wanted hehe…

~~it’s probably best to write dreams out on paper in the morning ~ transfer to computer and re-read them/analyse them as you do that. I find my writing is terrible so this will be hard enough when the time comes for me lol!

Typing and writing, I work at about the same pace (typing may be slightly faster, and my fast-writing is cursive-chicken scratches only I can read :happy:)

I dunno, I like to switch between the two, but eventually everything gets written in a nice new composition book and added to a nice growing stack of composition books :content:

I prefer to write mine down. I like to write, and I suck at typing. Thhat way I don’t have to get up and go to the computer (the more I move, the more I wake up, and the less I remember) but it does take time. Which in the mornigs, I often don’t have much of.

Definitely typing. Definitely. When I wake up in the morning, particularly if I’m suddenly awoken from a good dream, often my muscles are all limp and don’t want to work properly, and because my dreams have a lot of detail in them, writing them out gives my hands a cramp after a while. Typing is much faster, much easier and far more agreeable with non-morning people.

Occasionally I have been known to write down notes of dreams by hand when I’m on holiday without my laptop handy, but whenever I do, my handwriting’s terrible to read, and I’m so desperate to get it over with in as short a time as I can that I write it all in abbreviations and bad grammar, and it’s atrocious to decipher later. I also end up leaving half the detail out, too, because it’s too much effort to handwrite it.

So for me, typing. Always.

Well I have a written dream Journal, but typing in my opinion would be much more easier, however, I’m still sticking to the written dream journal. I started so I’m gonna continue.

I always scribble my dreams down in full in a paper notepad. Then later in the day I just copy them into my online DJs with just the odd spelling correction; but apart from that … they are the same as I originally wrote them. (apart from the smilies :tongue: )

Since I always rip up and throw away the original notes …
my preference is to keep them in their typed form but to use pen and paper to originally record them.

I usually don’t write anything at all. I’m way to lazy for that. If anything, I just jot down the beginning in note form, the middle, and the end.

I prefer typing my dreams.

Hmmm… I prefer writing because I can’t type fast in greek :tongue:

Why won’t this be the case when you type it down actually? What makes writing it down so different from typing in this point? If I would write them down instead of typing, I would probably write them in Dutch, but if not I would probably write them down in the same way.

If I only write them down it gets a bit messy. Sometimes I remember another part of a dream that happened before the place where I’m writing at that moment. If I’m typing I can just place it on the right place, but if I’m writing it down that would be a little harder. When reading dreams back, it is better to follow when I typed it down. I do like to have a paper version, because I can read those any time I want as long as I have my DJ with me. I prefer reading texts on paper over reading texts on the computer, so that’s why I sometimes print my dreams.

Another things it that when you write it down it might be harder to search for a specific dream. For example if I know there is snow in it I can search with Ctrl+F on “snow” if I typed it. I’m not able to do that when I’m writing it down.

I write it down in Dutch keywords. Maybe it are not exactly keywords, but it aren’t complete sentences either. It is just for me to remember the dream well enough to type it. Occasionally I also write it down in Dutch. I collect all of them in the same document, so there are a few Dutch ones right after the same dream written down in English.

You write your dreams in your native language? I write and type them all in English… I don’t know why but it would just sound silly to me if my dreams were written in Croatian :tongue:

writing by hand here. it seems more special to have a book dedicated to dreams, instead of just having a folder full of .txt documents with datestamps for names.

I prefer writing, I have my DJ beside my bed, since then I can always write down my dream directly even if I just wakes up in the night.
If I when I’m writing remembers something that happened earlier in the dream, or some extra scene, I just use an * and put it where that part was.
I writes my dreams in swedish,(even though I have written them in english by mistake sometime)
After I’ve written down my dreams, I later type them and post them on my online DJs.

I think writing is better than typing, since I believe it makes you remember the dream more due to that you have to shape each letter while when you type you just press buttons.

And in my case, when you then types down the dreams, you’re repeating it and has to think about it again, and since I translate from swedish to english I have to think about the dream extra much and I thinks that helps to remember it.

(titles are also good for remembering dreams :wink: )

*and writes the scene on the next page for example


I write as soon as I go over the dream, then I type it. If I remember more, then I do, and better for me!

I’ve been keeping a written DJ but like others mentioned, I’ve been having problems with detail and willpower, (if I truly sit down and write it down, I end up spanning multiple pages) and I was actually considering using a voice recorder and speaking my dream into it in the morning and then later on in the day when my handwriting looks nicer and my mind is clearer, writing them out.

Has anyone else tried this?

As for typing dreams, I once tried keeping an electronic journal, but I much prefer the written records as they just seem more personal because of reading my handwriting as opposed to just text. Plus, a small composition notebook can travel almost anywhere, whereas, a laptop can’t, (I guess it could… but really!!).