Yay! My first lucid dream!

Hello everyone!

Last night ( well actually it was about 9 AM ) i had my first lucid dream and the feeling was awesome. In my dream i was still in elementary school ( 8. grade ) and I got in a fight with my teacher , told her to f**k off and then she sent me to the principal. The moment i stepped out of the classroom i figured i was in a dream. I dunno exactly how i figured it but it happened . And when I said out loud : This is a dream, I felt some sort of tingles going through my body and the dream started to fade away. I screamed: Increase lucidity now! and it worked . Then i jumped in the air and started to fly all over the school . I read on this site about spiritual guides and i tried to “summon” mine. I saw an old man who looked a bit like my grandfather but soon he faded away and a little cute and hairy creature suddenly appeared before me. It started to go to the school gym and i followed it. The dream was preety weird. Iremember fighting with my friend in the locker room :eh:
I also remember that i tried to teleport myself to another location but it didn’t work. I wasn’t concetrated enough :sad:
Later i flew through the window and I lost control of the dream.

The dream was an exelent experience and i hope i have more lucid dreams… :content:

Congratulations on your lucid dream!

By the way: I tend to get in a black void/Normal Dream if I fly through a window… you are not alone >_<"

thanks :wink:

but now that i think about it I seemed to have little control over the dream.Will this change in the future? Will i have better control? :confused:

It will, but you’ll have to work toward it. I seem to have little control over my LD’s (well, the few I’ve had) as well. The more you have them, the greater your control will be. But that was awesome for your first LD. I didn’t do much of anything in my first except levitate.

Cool LD, and congrats on it being your first one :grin:.

You’re control wasn’t too bad. But yes - control does increase with more expereince. You have to learn that you can do anything you wish.

cool :tongue:

Yesterday i met in real life a person i trully admire.A writer who’s work I really enjoy reading and i think the man is a genious. I also ate a banana 1 hour or so before going to bed.So could that have caused the LD? :smile:

What time did you go to bed?
What time did you wake up completely?
Did you wake up in the middle of the night any before the lucid dream? (or morning)
How was your dream recall skill before you had this first lucid dream?

Just curious.

lol only way to learn is to ask Tazeron

congrats on the ld shake :ok:

  1. about 3 am

  2. about 12. 30 - 1 PM

  3. I woke up several times during the morning but I felt soooo tired that i imidately fell to sleep ( I remember looking at my watch it was 9 AM )

  4. Dream recall was preety good