You know you're an ld4all addict when... Part II

When you tell your friend they have gone to the dark side and feel weird for not writing it as Dark SiDe

When you feel weird that dark side doesn’t have a q in it.

when you have set a TRN for a topic, and you haven’t received an email, but yet still check LD4all to see whether it got replies or not :tongue:

When you see someone with the name tag “Wolf” (as in their last name) and immediately thing wolfgame and Wolb!

When you see “tru” as going around a building and immediately thing the rest is gonna say “it” instead of “st” XD

When someone buys trout from the local deli and you think they asked to be truited.

When you think of truit every time you have seafood.

When you know who Sandra is :tongue: (check first post)

or when you met Sandra IRL? :tongue:

When you don’t want to do anything, and come here because you have lots of unread topics.

when your in the 10+ club in the PG :razz:

That’s not true, Billiam. We had older topics that were better than the 10+ game.

You are an LD4all addict when you are told to go calm down by playing PG games.

That’s a big list

GnarGnar stares up at it and gulps


… when you know immediately when someone posts about you, that (s)he posts about you.

:whew: I’m cured =p

When you are still posting in a topic you posted in 7 years ago.

When you base your whole semester project on Lucid Dreaming.

…when you try to log in to the computer system at work with your LD4all username and password. :shy:

When you can’t help but RC every time you hear this song

/me whistles :woah:

I blame Rhewin /me runs off

When you start making musical posts in the forums when you’re not even comfortable singing in the shower.

You’ve stopped visiting the forum you were previously addicted to because ld4all is your new go-to place.

You use common forum terminology in everyday conversation.