You know you're an ld4all addict when... Part II

When you are still posting in a topic you posted in 7 years ago.

When you base your whole semester project on Lucid Dreaming.

…when you try to log in to the computer system at work with your LD4all username and password. :shy:

When you can’t help but RC every time you hear this song

/me whistles :woah:

I blame Rhewin /me runs off

When you start making musical posts in the forums when you’re not even comfortable singing in the shower.

You’ve stopped visiting the forum you were previously addicted to because ld4all is your new go-to place.

You use common forum terminology in everyday conversation.

When someone says “When WW3 [world war 3} starts” and you think they say “When VVG3 starts”

btw, just because I’m posting here doesn’t mean I’m an addict, because I am definitely not an addict.

When you are bored at work and ld4all is always the first site you unconsciously wander off to…

When you don’t only have dreams about ld4all, but nightmares about it too.

And when you immediately post the nightmare in ld4all chat and get comforted by the people in there.

I’m not an addict, as my avatar proves:

I’m just posting here to tell all the addicts that I am not an addict, because I’m not.

You know that also reads “An Addict! I am” :peek:

When the first thing you do immediately after setting up your Window Manager on your brand new laptop is visit LD4all. (Even when you have to do much more stuff :razz: )

By the way, I am not an addict for posting here and I certainly did not just do what was mentioned above, because I’m not an addict.

After a long time of not visiting the Playground you try to get all the active topics to say you were the last to post…

When you know the former nicks of users who changed their nicks. :shy:

When you’ve never played Wolfgame, but somehow get voted for.


Looking at you, Tggttt

when you feel excited and happy when you see old members return

you are in chat with 3 nicknames

not looking at anyone in particular :whistle:

you remember old ld4all topics from years ago.

When you still come back to LD4all 13 years after joining and receive updates about members from other members who have been here as long as (or longer than) yourself.

This one is very specific. Yes.