You will never guess what happened to me before/after work


So before work, I go into the connected gas station to get some mountain dew code red and a pringles fun pack to eat/drink before I have to work. As I am checking out, this girl stopps me and asks who I am. I tell her my name and she says she knows me from this time when I was at my cousins house. We started talking and I got her phone number. I called her after work (at 1am. I was getting a ride home and I knew my parents would be sleeping) I have my manager drive me to her house. When I got there she had me sneak through her basement where she had a second living room with a HD big screen TV, surround sound, stereo system, dvd player, etc.
We sat down on her white leather couch and turned on some chick flick where the mom and the daughter switch places. I forgot what its called. So you know, we get kind of close and start making out. after a while i start to feel her up. She un buttons my pants and sticks her hand down there and I’m thinking holy **** is this really happening? Then she starts to do her thing. Then she went to go down with her mouth and when she opened it, 500 OLD PEOPLE BUSTED OUT OF THE 1/2 BATHROOM IN THE ROOM NEXT TO US AND THEY CANED ME TO DEATH!!!

wtf again :eek: :eek:

dlMicky please keep the ‘no sense’ topics a little lower will you? Don’t open a new topic everytime you want to make a joke… there are plenty of senseless topics around as it is already. So be warned, next time i’ll just delete.