Your favourite dream character!

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Someday you may have your own dream girlfriend (just kidding)

I dont really have any reoccurring characters.
I have on the other hand really fallen in love with some only to wake up and realize it was all a dream. When i say fall in love, then i mean such strong love that i have never even felt in waking life, which of course leaves me very depressed when i wake up.

I recently had a dream about this girl who looks like Shelke from Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII, but in my dream she goes by Mina the Enigma.
I asked her this very ambiguous question, “What are we here for?”
She answered, “After the rain comes the sun…”
She is by far my most interesting DC.
Does anyone mind helping me interpret this quote :eh:

I remember being about nine/ten and having a VERY RARE recurring series of dreams revolving around (no red-eyed evil twins or zombies but) this nice, calm apartment. The highlights of my days were getting to visit a neighbor, an old man who wore suits and excentric tannish outfits, who was an inventer and sometimes showed and explained to me his inventions. I was so curious and innocent in these dreams…I went through periods where I’d have recurring dreams about being a carefree little toddler; those were probably variations.
This was all quite comforting as, at the time (as well as all the other years behind), all the adults (and kids) thought I was insane (as well as myself) and unable to do stuff. ANYWAYS…when I woke up in the middle, at long last after about a month of great subconscious comfort. And almost felt like crying (or mourning) because I never felt such a lack-of-chaos towards a person as I did that nice old-guy inventor. I was quite frusterated, and for many days I missed him.
I sympathize with that. I always thought I was just weird the way I get attached to dream-characters, but apparently this is common…

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well for me if it was my dream and I had asked that question.

The rain would represent normal life … the tears… the discomfort (wet clothes) … the fun (splashing in puddles) and the sun would be the afterlife.

I have a new favorit Dream Character. It’s called a Daseal and this one was a boy named Jake, i’m coming along with drawing him, so if I get good enough I can show you. It was amazing when I turned into him one time. He’s very nice, and strong. Can’t wait to draw him better and show everyone :happy:

I have two dream characters that come up a lot. The first is named Spork; he’s a little older than me (born December, while I was born February). He has greenish-grey eyes and dyes his hair black and is about 5’8" or so. He smiles a lot, and plays the bass guitar.

The second is named Duvvy. His birthday is in April or May (I can never remember which, except in the dream). He’s about 6 feet tall…he might be shorter, but he seems that tall because he’s skinny. He’s blonde and has a British accent. He sings pretty songs.

I don’t consciously call them up and I haven’t had an LD in years…my last one was when I was eleven. It used to come naturally, but it stopped when I started getting more homework and sleeping less.

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Who is your favorite DC in normal dreams, and lucid dreams?

Normal: My magical cat who has been with me through quite a few dreams.

Lucid: My sun is always my favorite. Yes it is a DC, trust me.

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I’ve met two DC who have really stood out. One I met all of ten seconds. An incredibally beautiful girl who just smiled at me and laughed as the sunset behind her. I’ve searched for her in every LD I have but I never come close to meeting anything more than a blur or pixilated face representing her and I’ve never had time to remove the veil before waking up.
The other who really stood out was a posh postman who helped me fight off a zombie invasion with his trusty spade and kettle full of boiling water. That dream was a bit nasty but he was brilliant.

I love my most common DC, he is seriously a legend! He’s in most of my LDs just hanging out with me, he’s Glorfindel from Lord of the Rings, here’s a drawing of him for those who haven’t read Lord of the Rings:

Except he’s about 6’8 in my dreams and looks a lot younger.

Hmmm… Odd thing is, I don’t actually name characters, so I spose I have to go with “Hot redhead girl”.

I meet her from time to time, usually in bad situations, seems to have the ability to fly, which is nasty, since I can’t.

My favourite dream character was a winged black dragon I sat upon his back. :smile:

My best friend/ dream guide Adam, he’s cool

I’ve never met really friendly Dream Characters (usually act aggressive towards me), mostly fantasy/VG creatures and some people I meet often (they always appear in my dreams, 2 of them are “Dream Signs”).

Mine is Captain Harlock. I never achieve my goals in LDs because I think “ow, it would be nice to meet him first”. Then I get lost before founding him and wake up…

He’s from a japanese anime but you probably don’t know him.

Since this has to be someone you don’t know in real life, my favourite -real- dream character has to be this nameless Guy. He reminds me a bit of Leonheart from final fantasy, but he looks younger. He’s the silent stoic type, and carries around a sword. He just interests me and I want to find out his name :razz:

I have too many dream characters to choose from, though. I admit, my favourite of my irl friend dream characters has to be Xander, since my dream version of him is the kind to get us into all sorts of prankster trouble.

My favorite DC is my dream guide, I guess you can say, “the space coyote” from the season 8 episode of the simpsons The Mysterious Journey of Homer. :smile:

Miss Magination (she’s the inspiration behind my name :razz:).

She is basicly me of the future. She uses this machine to see the ‘sadness’ in people and HEAL them (their sadness is shown as ‘red parts’, bright red, too, of their bodies. Likely inspired by Giygas from earthbound :U which i was into at the time).

She lived in a big mansion and was married with a ton of kids. It was interesting. BTW, she isn’t a legament future me…thats for sure…I NEVER wanna have kids, so having A BUNCH as a ‘future’ me seems very, very strange :U Still…she was interesting. I swear she was over 60 cuz of her eating dried mangoes and stuff? (though i used to eat a lot of dried fruit…and i’m not elderly…still).

Also I admired her a lot in the dream and she just seemed so…mysterious.

I’d enjoy having another dream of her :smile: I may of once, but i don’t really remember the details of it o.o

Unfortunately I’ve yet to succeed in summoning a character back to my dreams, but I liked Simor and Sikain well enough. There was also Atton… he’s a very old DC who was actually returning for some time, then left forever. :neutral: