1st False Awakening

Last night i had my first false awakening which led to a LD! it was sooo weird. so i was trying to fall asleep,(at least i thought i was)then all of a sudden i didnt have an arm, jus a elbow and up! i was freaked out! then i was like this HAS to be a dream and i did a RC. i was amazed that it was a dream, i was kind of scared at the sudden realization that i was dreaming, because i thought i was still trying to go to sleep. but i shook it off, then climbed out of my window, and ventured into the wild of my sub conscience. does anyone think you can induce FA to get lucid?

Well, inducing a FA coud be risky, as you could fool yourself into thinking you just woke up; besides, if one can incubate a FA, (s)he sure has the skills to practice VILD with success :content:

well what you described wasnt really an FA, it was you thinking you were in RL when you werent. But it still feels cool though, doesnt it? You think youre awake and BAM! You realize you’re dreaming! And about inducing the FAs, theres really no point. If you are able to induce an FA, you can definetely induce an LD so theres really no point.

True, true…but if i didnt have a FA then what was it?

I aslo think these are FA’s too sometimes :tongue: I think you just fell asleep and entered a dream without realizing it, so you passed from being in bed IWL to being in bed in a dream.

Actually this used to happen to me a lot too, I’d be trying to WILD and someone would come in “get out I’m trying to WILD!” but I never thought it might be a DC :grin:

haha that’s kinda funny